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July 19, 2018

Product Reviews


If you love watching movies and playing games with the highest definition possible, you are probably very excited with the upcoming releases of 4k ultra hd laptop notebooks on tech markets worldwide.
Even if you probably just heard of 4k Ultra HD laptop notebooks in the last 2...


A tablet is a wondeful invention that has been popularized worldwide since the iPad's first launch. Luckily for us, there much cheaper models, and it won't take a long time until you can choose what is the best value for the money tablet available on Amazon.

Tablets are...

solar phone charger

It's growing constantly easier and cheaper to access free sources of renewable energy. Learn how you can use the nature in your favor with the best solar phone charger of 2016.

It's definitely not hard to find the best solar phone charger available on Amazon in 2016, as the...


One of the main advantages of owning a laptop is mobility, but many models which have big dimensions or heavy weight might lead you into a bad purchase. This post is intended to find and analyse the ideal lightweight laptops.

Owning some of the lightest laptops available on...


In a quest to find a value laptop with backlit keyboard built-in I came across very few models, let's see what brand offers a decent laptop with a stock backlit keyboard.

Laptops with backlit keyboard are certainly not for everyone, and in this article we will analyze...


Asus and Acer are some of the biggest laptop manufacturers from Asia. This post will cover their best 17 inch laptops by Review Score on the internet.

Despite Asus and Acer 17 Inch laptops being not as popular as 15 or 14 inches models, they target a specific public which...


Drones with cameras are relatively new but you can use them for a number of cool and useful applications. Here is a short list of cheap drones with camera available on Amazon.

Drones are getting popular in the last few years, and specially nowadays with a broad range of...

cheapest quadcore laptop

If you are looking for a new laptop but you want a perfect match of cost and quality, this list of the cheapest skylake quad core laptops on Amazon will most likely suit your needs.

There is a number of factors for why you should buy one Skylake laptop, but the main concern...


There is a big difference between the most spoken languages in the world, and the most useful languages to learn. Despite in theory they should be same, the reality is very different.

If you want to go directly to the list of the most useful languages to learn as a...


Tired of Black, Silver and White laptops? Today I bring you a list with the best red laptops available in 2016 in Amazon. Uniqueness, style and design at all price ranges.

If you quite bored with most laptop designs available on the market, which tend to have always the...