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Value Nomad

July 19, 2018

Product Reviews

hp chromebook

In today's post I gathered a list of the best value laptops under 200 $ on Amazon currently available on 2015.
Before we start, some of you might be thinking that on this price range one can only afford either refurbished or used laptops, but no, this is a comprehensive list...

Here's a list of Samsung S6 Price in Different Countries
Six months ago Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S6 to the public worldwide, the main competitor for the Iphone 6 and a guaranteed presence in the wishlist of gadget lovers from all over the world. I've decided to shop...

Here is my list with analysis for the best mobile phones for travellers - December 2015.
In today's post, I have thoroughly analyzed what would be the best mobile phones for travelers available in December 2015 worldwide for travelers. But, before going directly to the...