5 Great Airports with Free Unlimited Wifi

Internet access is often needed and limited in many key airports around the world, but not on these 5 great airports with free unlimited wifi available.

When you are travelling abroad, is often at the airport that you will miss a free internet connection the most, since you can be arriving in a foreign country where your smartphone plan doesn’t have access to the local mobile data network, and a free wifi cafe might not be around the corner. While some airports charge hefty fees per hour or even per minute, and other offer free WiFi for a short period of time, on this list you can find 5 great airports with free unlimited wifi, unlimited and without any kind of restriction.

Changi Airport, Singapore

Singapore Airport by Lisa Pinehill

The main entrance point for Singapore often features the top of the list for the best airport in the world. It does not only offer free unlimited internet, but also other attractions, including a butterfly garden.

Vienna International Airport, Austria

Vienna Airport by Hoang GIang Hai
Vienna Airport by Hoang Giang Hai

The Austrian capital airport offers free unlimited wifi in all areas, including restaurants, you will not have a hard time finding an electric plug either. Even if the Vienna airport is not one of the main European hubs for intercontinental flights, it has a good amount of routes to Asia and North America.

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan

Taipei City by sama093
Taipei City by sama093

Free wifi is available in Taipei Taoyuan is some areas, but what is impressive is that if you arrive in Taiwan even as a tourist, you can apply to use the Taipei Free Public Wifi Access (it’s an easy procedure) and enjoy internet near any of the multiple wifi spots spread out in the city by this public initiative.

Arturo Benitez International Airport, Santiago, Chile

The Andes by Chris Rimmer
The Andes by Chris Rimmer

One of the most remote international airports in the world. You can fly directly from Santiago to New Zealand and Australia, North America or Europe on non-stop flights, thanks to its unique location. It offers free unlimited wifi and you can also enjoy an unique view to the Andes right after take off.

Keflavik Airport, Iceland

Keflavik Airport by Sergii
Keflavik Airport by Sergii

Thanks to its location, Iceland is currently the only country which has direct real low cost flights between North America and Europe directly. Being a relatively small airport in a tiny island nation, enjoying wifi in Keflavik, the country’s biggest airport might be the best option to wait for your flight.

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