5 Skills that Every Digital Nomad Should Have

If you want to become work online and travel the world, you will be highly interested in this list of 5 skills that every digital nomad should have

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Being a digital nomad is actually easier than you imagine. If people stuck in the rat race knew how easy it can be to entirely change their routine, they would probably do it in a flash. However, there are skills that every digital nomad should have in order to succeed and be able to main this lifestyle.

Being a Digital Nomad and IT Knowledge

If you want to become a digital nomad there is no way to get around one fact: you need to become IT proficient. You may not need to become a full blown coder, but most of activities which involve online income will require a good understanding of some of the skills you will find below.

Depending on your career, you might already have skils which can be of good use as a digital nomad. Even if you have absolutely no previous IT education you can become a digital nomad, and with the material to be found online, often free of charge, you can learn it pretty fast.

Building Up Your Skills as a Digital Nomad

Once you take the leap and become a digital nomad, there are basically two situations you will probably face. The first is, your digital skill is already bringing some kind of revenue, and the second is when you have absolutely no online income, but you have cash and savings to learn.

Odds are in your favor if you find yourself in the first situation, but building a diverse set of skills is strictly fundamental when it comes to online businesses, as things change fast on the online environment. Learning how to adapt yourself to different markets and niches is a good idea, more often than not.

5 Skills that Every Digital Nomad Should Have

Let’s finally start this list, featuring 5 skills that every digital domad Should Have:


Regardless of your profession, if you work in the online environment, being a good writer is essential. Even if your main source of income is not directly related to writing, even being able to organize your ideas on an email with a prospective client might be game changing for your online career.

Apart from being a general skill that anyone should have, writing can also be your main source of income, as you can blog, write ebooks, become an affiliate marketer, become a proofreader or a translator.

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WordPress is the most popular content management system currently. It is easy to handle and using WordPress will improve your productivity if you have a website or if you are a professional blogger. WordPress also has great solutions to create your ecommerce website to sell both virtual and tangible items.

No matter what is your niche, odds are you will need a website. Being a digital nomad is all about saving time and money, learning WordPress you can do both things in multiple occasions.

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I consider learning excel for one plain reason: organizing your personal finances. In most cases becoming a digital nomad involves variable income. You must control well your expenses and your revenue to stay afloat, especially in the beginning of your online career.

It can also add up to your resume if you master Excel, but you shouldn’t rely on it as one of your main skills, as jobs that involve Excel as the main software are often poorly paid.

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Photo and Video Editing

The online environment is all about attracting audience. Every single user on the internet is constantly bombarded with numerous offers at every page he visits. Being able to position yourself well with attractive imagery is one of the best ways to channel audience to your products.

I often see websites with good content, but with horrible image and video presentations, which make me instinctively leave the website, or stop the video. Knowing how to edit your photos and videos will make it easier to engage new followers, as the first impression does count.

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Search Engine Optimization is extremely important to make your website rank better on Google and Bing. Nowadays the internet is extremely competitive, and most niches are saturated, so you should devote a lot of your time not only to develop your skills or products, but also making sure people will actually find you.

Learning SEO concepts is actually easier than what most people imagine, and with basic knowledge on this subject and the use of the right plugins (I recommend Yoast SEO), you will be able to leverage your content to a greater audience quickly.

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Keep Learning

Being curious and up to date with market trends will make your way as a digital nomad much smoother, and hopefully you will never have to go back to the rat race.

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