Acer S5-371T-537V Laptop Review

In today’s post we will analyze the Acer S5-371T-537V laptop, a thin portable computer with a great performance, ideally for users who travel often


The combination of low weight and great performance is a requirement that most laptop users prioritize. The Acer S5-371T-537V featured on this review, is not only light and fast, but also affordable.

Acer S5-371T-537V: Overview

The Acer S 13 series focuses on ultra thin laptops with a good processing speed and optimal battery life. The S5-371T-537V is part of this series, and is one affordable laptop with very modern hardware components.

The most relevant component to measure a laptop performance is its processor. The Acer i5-6200u processor used on this Acer laptop, was an excellent choice as it has a good processing speed and a very low energy consumption.

The i5-6200 is part of the 6th generation of Intel chips, called Skylake. Intel focused on optimizing performance using less energy, and chips from this generation have much lower power consumption from their predecessors (Broadwell generation).

Another highlight of this laptop is its 13.3 display. From one hand, a 13 inch monitor is ideal for portability, as laptops with this screen size are considerably lighter and smaller than those with 15 inches.

In terms of image quality this laptop has a LED-backlit IPS display, with Full HD (1920 x 1080 px) resolution. It is also a touchscreen display, allowing greater flexibility to the user.

Acer S5-371T-537V: Pros

Its Skylake processor and compact dimensions allow this laptop to have a great battery life. According to the manufacture, the batter can last for up to 13 hours uncharged. This is another positive aspect that weighs in favor of this laptop, especially if you travel and use it outdoors.

Using a solid state drive with a capacity of 256 GB, this laptop will guarantee you fast access to any documents and software yo may need.

Acer S5-371T-537V: Cons

Considering the purpose of this product, focused on portability and power, this laptop has very few cons. The only purpose which this laptop is not ideal is gaming, as it doesn’t have a dedicated video card. The Intel HD Graphics 520 integrated card will allow you to play some games, but not the newest games which have complex graphics.

Aspire S 13 Ultra Thin Touch Laptop – S5-371T-537V


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Processor Intel Core i5-6200u
Display 13.3″ Full HD Multi-touch IPS
Storage 256 GB SSD

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