If you want to advertise your product or website, you can do it on!

Currently, we are accepting the following categories for advertisement places and sponsored posts: tech gagdets, laptops, mobile phones, other electronics, websites, cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, blockchain and other related products), servers (hosting, VPN, cloud services), crowdfunding and peer 2 peer lending, mobile apps, software and other tech related fields.

We work with 3 types of advertising:

Sponsored post / reviews: we can review your product or software, but we follow these guidelines:

– We will express our honest opinion on the specific product or service.
– The post or review will contain a disclaimer if it is a sponsored post.
– We have the right to change the review of the product or service if its functionalities change drastically over time.

Ad Placement

– You can place an ad of your product or service on our website. In most cases, it will be displayed on the sidebar as a 300 x 300 px block. The size and value are negotiable.

Affiliate Marketing:

– If you have an affiliate program and you think it might of interest for our audience, feel free to contact us. If we consider it of value for our audience, we may review your service and add affiliate links to your service.

If you want to advertise on, please use our contact form using this link.

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