ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook Laptop Review

Let’s analyse in this ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook review why this laptop is an excellent choice for someone looking for a mid-level laptop for work and entertainment purposes

Are you looking for an affordable laptop suitable to most of your work and entertainment needs? Check our ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook review and learn more about this recently released laptop.

ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook

- Great value for the money
- Thin, lightweight laptop

- Relatively low CPU benchmark

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ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook: Overview

Once again we have an ASUS laptop featured on another Value Nomad review. This time the ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook review will enlighten users looking to buy a new laptop.

The ASUS F402BA-EB91 is a mid level, ultra light weight laptop. It features intermediate hardware components and is ideal for anyone looking for a reliable all-around.

Considering its price range, under 500 dollars, this laptop is a good contender to be the best in its category. Let’s analyze its main specs below and determine whether this VivoBook is suitable to your needs.

Design and Dimensions

The design and the dimensions of this laptop are certainly a great first impression. The ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook is thin and sturdy, and very few laptops in its price category have such a great finish as this laptop.

Getting more specific about its dimensions we can see how portable this laptop really is. This ASUS VivoBook has a thickness of just 0.9 inches and a weight of 3.6 lbs. Needless to say, you will not have any trouble carrying yout ASUS VivoBook around.


Moving on with our ASUS F402BA-EB91 review we come to what I consider the most important aspect of every laptop. The processor (CPU) and the video card (GPU) are key components to determine how fast your laptop is.

This ASUS comes with a pretty new AMD processor, the AMD A9-9420 processor. The AMD A9-9420 is a pretty modern dual core processor, and it is very efficient. In terms of benchmark, it is somewhat slower to Core i3 chips from the Skylake generation.

As a mid range laptop, this ASUS does not have a dedicated video card. Instead it has a Radeon R5 integrated GPU, which despite being an integrated card has a pretty decent performance. However, this VivoBook is certainly not made for heavy gaming.

Storage and RAM

Now, let’s move to its storage and RAM. With cloud storage the specs of entry and mid-level laptops are changing, as one can often rely on the cloud to store files.

However, it is unlikely that you will need to store a lot of data on the cloud with your ASUS F402BA-EB91. It features a 1 TB hard drive disk, which is more than enough space for most types of users.

This laptop’s RAM is also a great surprise, especially considering its price. It comes with 8 GB LPDDR3 RAM, which is very energy efficient. 8 GB RAM is more than enough to run most tasks on Windows 10 smoothly, and often you can find this RAM setup on much more expensive thin laptops.


Connectivity is another important aspect on every laptop, but on thin laptops, I believe it is even more important. As you will probably not want to travel around carrying an USB hub, it is better to have enough ports on your laptop.

The ASUS F402BA-EB91 comes with one USB 3.1 Type-C port, as well as one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0. It is a pretty USB setup considering its dimensions and price.

It also features Bluetooth and a HDMI port. Finally it uses a dual band 802.11ac for Wi-Fi connections.


The ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook featured on this review is certainly a very appealing laptop, especially considering its value for the money. It behaves great on Windows 10 and is ideal for text and spreadsheet editing and web browsing. It is also great for watching videos and streaming services. It is also a good option for eventual design jobs, and runs Photoshop fairly well with medium sized files.

It is important to note that this laptop is not ideal for complex tasks. If you work with compilers, 3d software or video rendering, this laptop may not be up to your requirements. It runs simple games well, especially light games like Minecraft or browser based games.

If you believe you need a bit more of computing power, you may want to consider the ASUS F402BA-EB94. The ASUS F402BA-EB94 is similar to the ASUS F402BA-EB91, however it has some better and faster components, which may be important for some users. You can check our ASUS F402BA-EB94 review here.

ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook 14″ Laptop, AMD A9 Processor, Radeon R5 Graphics, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB 5400RPM HDD, USB-C, Windows 10

ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook

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Processor AMD dual-core A9-9420
Display 14 inches HD
Storage 1 TB HDD
ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook Laptop Review
Description: Let’s analyse in this ASUS F402BA-EB91 VivoBook review why this laptop is an excellent choice for someone looking for a mid-level laptop for work and play
Written by: Jans Montermini
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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