ASUS F402BA-EB94 VivoBook Laptop Review

ASUS F402BA-EB94 VivoBook laptop review: let’s check in this post why this affordabele ASUS is one of the best laptop in the budget niche this year

Are you tired of budget laptops that have a poor finish and are sluggish? Meet the all-new ASUS F402BA-EB94 VivoBook, one of the best affordable laptop releases in 2017.

asus F402A-EB91

ASUS F402BA-EB94 VivoBook: Overview

There is no doubt that ASUS is one of the more versatile laptop manufacturers. From entry models to the high-end ASUS Rog laptops, this Taiwanese company has it all.

Another advantage of ASUS is that they release a considerable amount of new laptops every year. The ASUS F402BA-EB94 VivoBook is one of its latest releases for 2017 and sits among the mid-range laptops in the ASUS laptops models range.

It has a pretty attractive price for the hardware that it offers, and is suitable for students, and young professionals. It runs Windows 10 smoothly and is ideal for web browsing, working with text documents and spreadsheets. Let’s get to its specs to understand better what is new in this ASUS Vivobook.

ASUS F402BA-EB94 VivoBook: Design and Display

The exterior design of this ASUS book is pretty conservative, and although its materials do not feel amazing, its dimensions are indeed more than that. ¬†Being¬†0.9″ thin and with a weight of 3.6 lbs, this laptop is ideal if you need to carry your device constantly.

Its display is also above the average considering its price. Its 14 inch Full HD has the ideal size, and its resolution will impress you while watching videos or streaming services.

ASUS F402BA-EB94 VivoBook: Hardware

Probably the most interesting aspect of this laptop is its AMD APU. The AMD A9-9420 is a dual core APU part of the Stoney Ridge series made for notebooks by AMD. APUs stand for Accelerated Processing Units and are design to perform the tasks of both a CPU and a GPU. This APU includes an integrated Radeon R5 GPU.

Another highlight in this laptop is its 256 GB solid state drive. It allows this ASUS VivoBook to boot extremely fast, and also launch your Windows 10 apps smoothly and quickly.

Finally, its 8 GB RAM are also good for its price range. However, it would be better if its RAM used the DDR4 technology.

ASUS F402BA-EB94 VivoBook: Connectivity

In most compact and thin laptops, connectivity is usually below satisfactory (in my opinion). In other words, most of them lack enough USB ports. This is the case of all ASUS ZenBook laptops, and it is also what happens in this ASUS VivoBook.

However, it has enough ports for daily tasks. It includes the following ports: USB Type-C, USB 3.1, HDMI and a SD card slot.


  • Extremely compact dimensions
  • Great value for the money
  • Modern AMD APU
  • 256 GB SSD (which is quite amazing in its price range)


  • No Backlit Keyboard
  • Not enough USB ports (despite having a USB Type-C)


This ASUS VivoBook is definitely a great choice if you need an extremely portable device with a reasonably good hardware. It is also a great alternative to the ASUS Zenbook, which even at its cheapest versions, is still considerably more expensive than this VivoBook.

Finally, I would recommend this VivoBook for the most common activities users engange in a laptop. If you need a device for demanding tasks like software compiling or video editing, you may want to consider more powerful options.

ASUS F402BA-EB94 VivoBook 14″ FHD Laptop, AMD A9-9420, Radeon R5 Graphics, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 256GB 2.5″ SSD, USB-C, Windows 10

asus F402BA-EB94 vivobook

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Processor AMD A9-9420
Display 14 inches Full HD
Storage 256 GB SSD

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