ASUS F510UA-AH51 Laptop Review

ASUS F510UA-AH51 laptop review: let’s analyze one of the latest ASUS models powered by a Kaby Lake R Intel processor

ASUS is one of the best selling laptop manufacturers from Taiwan, just like Acer (check their comparison here). This time, ASUS is releasing new models using the new Intel micro-architecture, named Kaby Lake R. The ASUS F510UA-AH51 has this new Intel processor and much more interesting components, so let’s get to its review below.

ASUS F510UA-AH51 Review: What’s new?

Getting a new laptop can be tricky, as there are many models available for all kinds of purposes. The ASUS F510-AH51 is a mid-level laptop, good for students and young professionals. However, it has a higher performance than many similarly priced laptops, thanks to its new processor using the Kaby Lake R micro-architecture.

Quick Specs

ASUS VivoBook F510UA FHD Laptop, Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD

ASUS F510UA-AH51 review

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Processor Intel Core i5-8250U
Display 15.6 inches Full HD
Storage 1 TB HDD


The design of this laptop certainly puts it among my favorites for late 2017 and 2018. It looks and feels amazing, apart from being pretty lightweight and having compact dimensions.

Its weight of just 3.7 lbs is certainly appealing if you move around often with your laptop. The same can be said about its thickness of just 0.8 inch.

ASUS F510UA-AH51 Specs and Review

Now let’s analyze each of the main hardware specs of this ASUS F510UA-AH51 version:

asus f510ua


The CPU is certainly one of the highlights about this computer, as it is one of the first to have the all new Core i5-8250U. Part of the eight generation of Intel chips, this Kaby Lake R processor has significant improvements from its previous generation.

The i5-8250U is a quad-core processor with hyper-threading, allowing it to have a pretty awesome benchmark. Despite its rather low base frequency of 1.60 GHz, its maximum turbo can go as high as 3.80 GHz. The processor itself is pretty energy efficient, allowing this ASUS to have a better than average battery life.

If you want a slightly faster CPU, you might also want to check our i7-8550U guide. The i7-8550U is slightly faster than the i5-8250U and they are both part of the eight generation of Intel chips.


The GPU in this laptop will probably disappoint those with gaming aspiration on a new laptop computer. The graphics card in this laptop is integrated, which certainly does not offer a great experience.

If you want a similarly priced laptop for gaming purposes, I recommend those powered by the all new NVIDIA MX150. There are some pretty affordable laptops using this new GPU (but there also some pretty expensive ones).


15.6 Full HD displays are becoming the standard among mid-end new releases. Personally for users who work and play with their laptops, the 15.6 Full HD is an excellent option. It is still pretty portable but the image quality is outstanding.

On top of that, this anti glare 15.6 inch display uses the ASUS Splendid technology, giving even better image quality and control of your display output.


The storage is also something very important to consider when buying a laptop. This ASUS comes with a 1 TB hard-drive disk, which, to be honest, came as quite a surprise it. Its thin profile and new CPU would have a much better performance with a solid state drive.

However, 1 TB is a lot of space and most users will have more than enough space to store their works, movies or games. Windows 10 boots quickly and this HDD has a pretty good performance considering the overall price of the laptop.


Connectivity is another key issue in any laptop, especially as the number of cool peripherals tend to proliferate over the years. The ASUS F510UA-AH51 offers the fours USB ports (one USB 3.1 Type-C,  one USB 3.0,  and two USB 2.0). Apart from that it also an d HDMI port and a SD Card slot. Finally, its Wi-Fi is pretty stable using the 802.11ac technology. 


Its dimensions and its value for the money make of this laptop definitely a great choice. The Kaby Lake R processor certainly does its job and its performance on Windows 10 is pretty smooth. On top of that, its Star Gray color is quite elegant, and better than the usual “laptop black” found in similarly priced models.


As mentioned above, the lack of a dedicated video card might be disappointing for some. Its webcam also could have a better image quality, but for chatting on camera or work meetings online, it is more than enough.


The ASUS F510UA is certainly the perfect option if you want a good value for the money thin laptop. Even if it is less powerful than upper versions, especially in the ZenBook series,the F510UA is still a great laptop.

Even if its not the best laptop for gaming purposes, you should certainly consider it if you are an occasional gamer. Finally, its all new Core i5-8250U processor has a great benchmark and its performance on Windows 10 is quite amazing, even when its unplugged.

Description: ASUS F510UA-AH51 laptop review: let’s analyze one of the latest ASUS models powered by a Kaby Lake R Intel processor

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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