ASUS F556UA-AB54 Laptop Review (Kaby Lake Processor)

In this review we will analyze the ASUS F556UA-AB54, a beautiful laptop powered by the all new i5-7200U Kaby Lake Intel processor


If you like laptops with gold chassis and modern hardware, the ASUS F556UA-AB54 is one of the best releases among mid-range models in 2016. Let’s find more about this model below.

ASUS F556UA-AB54: Overview

We constantly review ASUS laptops on Value Nomad, and most of them have a balanced hardware setup and a good value for money. The ASUS F556UA-AB54 is a perfect example of optimal hardware, affordable price and a beautiful design.

Before getting into details, it’s important to point that we have review the ASUS F556UA-AS54 previously, however there is a interesting difference betweeen the F556UA-AS54 and the F556UA-AB54. The F556UA-AB54 comes a processor from the seventh generation of Intel processors, dubbed Kaby Lake.

The Core i5-7200U is one of the most recent processors released by Intel, and it has a quite impressive benchmark, that you can check here. It is a dual core with 4 threads, running at a base frequency of 2.5 GHz, and maximum turbo of 3.1 GHz.

Apart from its all new processor, this laptop also has 8 GB DDR4 RAM. The DDR4 technology is much superior than the DDR3, and its RAM combined with the Kaby Lake allow this laptop to have an impressive performance on Windows 10.

ASUS F556UA-AB54: Pros

Besides its well-balanced hardware, one of the biggest advantages of this laptop is its design. I am a fan of gold chassis laptop and unfortunately there aren’t many on the market. The gold chassis of this laptop feels sturdy, well-finished and I could be staring at it for hours.

Another positive point of this laptop is its 15.6 inch Full HD display. Among mid range 15 inchers, I would only consider those with Full HD resolution, especially if you like to watch videos and streaming services.

This laptop also has an SSD storage of 256 GB. SSDs are much faster than HDDs and ideal especially for launching your most accessed software. If you need more storage you can use an USB drive or an SD card.

ASUS F556UA-AB54: Cons

One of the biggest cons of this laptop is that you can’t remove its battery. However, this is quite common among new, lightweight laptops.

ASUS F556UA-AB54 NB 15.6″ FHD Intel Core i5 8GB 256G SSD Windows 10 Laptop (Gold)


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Processor Intel Core i5-7200U
Display 15.6 inches Full HD
Storage 256 GB SSD

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