ASUS VivoBook S S510UN-EH76 Laptop Review

Today we will review the ASUS VivoBook S S510UN-EH76, one of the most powerful laptops in its series, with a great processor and awesome hardware

Buying a thin laptop that is also extremely fast might not be a simple task, right? But this ASUS VivoBook S S510UN-EH76 will definitely help you to make your choice if you are looking for a new powerful portable PC.

ASUS VivoBook S S510UN-EH76: Benchmark and Elegance

The Taiwanese brand came up with a series of great new releases in its VivoBook series, as you can see here and here. Now, with the release of the ASUS VivoBook S S510UN-EH76, the brand became even more competitive in the laptop market this year.

This ASUS VivoBook S is the perfect blend if you are looking for three things on a laptop: powerful hardware, compact dimensions and a relatively affordable price. These aspects are not easy to get in the same device, but this ASUS laptop managed to find the perfect balance, rendering it highly attractive.

Some of the main highlights of this laptop are its processor for the 8th generation of Intel chips, a dedicated video card, and an optimal, thin design.

Let’s check its quick specs and then analyze each one of its main characteristics in this review below:

Quick Specs

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ASUS VivoBook S S510UN-EH76: Design and Display

The design is a critical aspect of every laptop, not much for its aesthetics, but for its dimensions and functionalities. In the case of this ASUS, the design is certainly one of its highlights. It is not only beautiful, but also compact and light.

The dimensions of this laptop are quite impressive, being just 14.2” wide and 0.7” thin, benefiting from its NanoEdge bezel. Its weight of just 3.7 lbs is equally impressive. Other than that, its design looks and feels great, especially when its backlit keyboard is on.

Its display is comparable to most thin, similarly priced laptops. With a 15.6 inch screen and Full HD resolution, this ASUS delivers sharp image quality for both video streaming and gaming.


If you are looking for a new laptop, the first two hardware specs you should check are the CPU and the GPU. While the GPU relevance will depend on your usage, getting a reliable CPU is crucial for your productivity.

The ASUS S510UN-EH76 has a great CPU, which is certainly a good start on its hardware requirements. The Core i7-8550U is a quad core processor with hyper-threading, guaranteeing a high benchmark for this ASUS.

This chip is part of the 8th generation of Intel processors, and uses the Kaby Lake R micro-architecture to deliver power with a great energy efficiency.

This laptop has also a very modern CPU, the NVIDIA MX150. The MX150 is one of the latest released by NVIDIA for laptops, and is an entry level dedicated graphic card.

If you are a casual gamer, this GPU will certainly do the trick. However, if you are planning to run some games with maxed out settings, it may be a better idea to consider other laptops.

ASUS S510UN-EH76: RAM and Storage

RAM and storage are two important elements of every PC, may it be a desktop or portable one. This ASUS VivoBook S comes with 8 GB DDR4 RAM, which is pretty much the standard for mid to upper range laptops. However, there are some similarly priced laptops offering more than 8 GB RAM.

asus vivobook s S510UN-EH76 laptop review

Storage is important not only for its capacity but also for the type of storage. In the case of this ASUS VivoBook, the specs could not be better, as it feature both an SSD (256 GB) and a HDD (1 TB).

ASUS S510UN-EH76: Connectivity

Let’s finally analyze the connectivity specs for this ASUS VivoBook S. With USB 3.1 Type C, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, you will have plenty of options to connect your peripherals. Other than that, it also features an HDMI port and an SD card slot.

Its WiFi is also reliable using the dual band 802.11ac technology.  In terms of connectivity, this laptop is comparable to most mid and high-end thin laptops.


  • Thin and light elegant chassis
  • Powerful Kaby Lake R processor
  • SSD + HDD storage


  • Entry level dedicated video card.


The verdict for this laptop is rather positive, unless you are a gaming enthusiast. Its design is definitely one of its positive points, but you won’t be disappointed with its hardware for most types of tasks.

This laptop is ideal if you move around often with your laptop and you need a powerful laptop. Its battery life is great considering its powerful hardware, as in most laptops using the Kaby Lake R processor architecture. If your main purpose is gaming though, I recommend buying a laptop with a more powerful video card.

Finally, you are looking to check other models with a similar hardware, I recommend checking our post on the best i7-8550U laptops. Do you own an ASUS VivoBook already? Leave your thoughts or questions in the comment box below.

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