Asus X553SA-XX166T Budget Laptop Review

This post is a review of the ASUS X553SA-XX166T, a budget laptop available in the UK in 2016 and extremely successful on the entry level laptops segment


Among the various laptop market segments in the UK, entry-level laptops are some of the best selling models, as these portable computers have a strong niche of customers which covers from young professionals to university students, and even users looking for a second computer. The Asus X553SA-XX166T laptop released in 2016 in the UK, unites a good set of hardware components, an optimal display size or an all-round laptop, and its most attractive quality, its appealing price.

Asus X553SA-XX166T Budget Laptop: Overview

Powered by the Intel Celeron N3050 processor, which was released in the beginning of 2016, this budget laptop has a compact setup which allows this laptop to have a good battery life and to run Windows 10, which comes installed with this machine, in a smooth and effective manner.

With a 15.6″ inch display and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels this laptop will serve for most office and academic work, and its screen dimensions make it quite comfortable for the user to enjoy different forms of entertainment like video streaming services like Youtube and Netflix, and even play games which do not require a lot of computing speed.

Asus X553SA-XX166T Pros

Affordability is definitely the key feature about this laptop. On its price category there are not many options which deliver as much as this laptop. Chromebooks are virtually in the same price category as this laptop, but while Chromebooks have very low storage capacity and depend mostly on cloud computing to access files, this laptop comes with a 1TB hard drive disk, which is common in more expensive laptops.

Asus X553SA-XX166T Cons

Even if the Intel N3050 is a quite modern processor, its benchmark is modest, so you might also consider similar laptop models with faster processors such as the Asus X555LA-XX2282T which is powered by the i3-4005 u, or even the Asus X555LA-XX2264T which comes with the i5-5200u..

Where to buy your Asus X553SA-XX166T in the UK?

Asus X553SA-XX166T 15.6-Inch Notebook (Intel N3050 1.60 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Windows 10)


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Windows 10
User-centric features like Smart Gesture and IceCool technologies
High quality ASUS SonicMaster technology-enhanced audio

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