ASUS X555UB and X555UJ, Mid Priced Laptops Review

The ASUS X555UB and X555UJ are mid priced laptops which might just fit your needs without spending to much cash to get a brand new laptop which is good value for the money.


In this review, we will see that both the ASUS X555UB and the X555UJ are mid priced laptops released in the second half of 2015 and are part of a laptops line dubbed ASUS X series by the world renowned Taiwanese electronics manufacturer.

Differences between the ASUS X555UB and the ASUS X555UJ

After researching on these 2 models, it turned out that they are virtually the same, not only on its exterior design, but also when it comes to hardware. The only real difference that I could find i that the X555UB has a better video card, being that a NVIDIA GTX 940M, and the X555UJ has a GTX 920M, both video cards have 2GB of memory.

What I noticed, however I cannot be entirely sure of it, is that the X555UB is more oriented to the North American market, while the X555UJ is more widely available elsewhere, especially in ecommerce portals in the UK and Australia.

ASUS X555UB and X555UJ Specs Review

Those models are mid priced laptops and have relatively affordable, yet powerful hardware. The highlight is definitely the Skylake processor Intel i5-6200U, which was, just like the laptops released in the second half of 2015. It is a dual core processor with 4 threads and a max clock of 2.8 Ghz, which is quite decent for this laptop price category.

Apart from the processor, this laptop is also powered by 1TB of HDD storage which is a very decent value, and quite hard to exhaust. It has 8GB of ram, which I considered the minimum for a stress-free usage in 2016 running Windows 10.

This laptop has an aluminium carcass which is very appealing to me, not only in terms of design, but also when it comes to durability.

Where to Get your ASUS X Series Laptop in the US and the UK

ASUS Laptop X555UB-NH51 Intel Core i5 6200U on (North America)

Intel Core i5 6200U (2.30 GHz) 8 GB Memory 1 TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce 940M 1920 x 1080 Windows 10 Home DL DVD+-RW/CD-RW

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ASUS X555UJ 15.6-Inch Laptop Notebook (Black) on (UK and Europe)

Classic, timeless design – designed for everyday multitasking and entertainment for smart and practical users, the Asus X series notebooks redefine your expectations of an all-round notebook
A smooth computing experience – value-packed with all the essentials, the X series reinvents your daily computing experience, whatever you do
Light and portable – the X series is a multitasking companion that you can take anywhere

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