ASUS X555YA-XX119T UK Laptop Review

In this post we will review the ASUS X555YA-XX119T, a versatile laptop released in the UK in 2016, featuring a modern an efficient AMD A8 processor


If you are looking for a versatile laptop powered by an AMD processor, the ASUS X555YA-XX119T might meet all your requirements at an affordable price.

ASUS X555YA-XX119T: Overview

The ASUS X Series is focused on mid-level laptops for users willing to perform multi-tasking activities smoothly and efficiently. The X555YA-XX119T is part of this series and an excellent choice if you want to work and play on Windows 10.

One of the most interesting aspects of this laptop is its processor. The Quad Core A8-7410 is a microprocessor developed by AMD and designed using the APU concept created by the brand.

APU stands for Accelerated Processing Unit as basically acts as both a CPU and a GPU (graphics card) in one chip. Apart from computers, APUs are also used in some video game consoles as the XBOX One and the PlayStation 4.

This laptop also comes with 8 GB RAM DDR3, which I consider crucial for running most software on Windows 10 without hassle. That is especially the case if you like to have many tabs opened on your browser, as it consumes a lot of memory.

ASUS X555YA-XX119T: Pros

The main highlights on this laptop are: its AMD processor, its design and affordability. If you want to buy a mid-level laptop, you will have a hard time finding options which don’t use Intel chips. This ASUS model, and a few similar others like the X555DG-XO100T or X555QG-XX007T are great options powered by AMD APUs.

This laptop also has plenty of space, with a storage capacity of 1 TB hard drive disk. It also comes with an optical drive which is important if you work with disks.

ASUS X555YA-XX119T: Cons

Overall this is a pretty good and well-balanced laptop. The only detail which could be improved is the fact that its 15.6 screen has HD resolution. It would be certainly better to have a Full HD resolution on this laptop.

Finally, this notebook is a great value for the money. Prospective buyers should definitely consider it among 15.6 mid range laptops.

ASUS X555YA-XX119T 15.6 inch HD Notebook


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Processor AMD Quad Core A8-7410
Display 15.6 inches HD
Storage 1 TB HDD

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