Become a Digital Nomad in Slovakia

Today we will analyze the opportunities and the costs for becoming a digital nomad in Slovakia, a small and mountainous nation in Central Europe

digital nomad in slovakia
Bratislava, Slovakia by Miroslav Petrasko

Being a digital nomad is a desire that most readers of our blog have had at at least one point in their careers. After you decide to become a digital nomad, you will start considering the best location to start your adventure.

In many cases, digital nomads do not have total freedom. Constraints like visa, family, taxes, weather and interests might be determinant for your choice of location.

In this post, we will analyze Slovakia, a small country in Central Europe with an excellent geographic location.

Slovakia for Digital Nomads: Overview

Even if Slovakia is a small country, it has two very distinct realities. On one side, its rather expensive capital Bratislava, full of culture and transport connections. The countryside of Slovakia on the opposite, has a beautiful nature, low prices and untouched locations.

Digital Nomad in Slovakia: Bratislava

If you want to become a digital nomad in Bratislava, there are a few points to be considered.

Firstly, when it comes to prices, Bratislava is far from being an appealing location. Due to its proximity to Vienna in Austria, the cost of living in extremely high when compared with its neighbors like Hungary or Poland. Be prepare to spend a lot for overpriced, small flats.

The location of Bratislava is however, one of the best in Europe. Easily reachable by bus, train or plane most European countries, you can always enjoy unforgettable weekend trips.

Due to its location and international vocation, many of Bratislava’s inhabitants speak English and German. Getting around is not a problem as the city is quite small.

It’s old town is quite elegant and have a relative accessible night life, with a good level of safety and affordable entertainment.

My opinion for a digital nomad in Slovakia who chooses to stay in Bratislava, is rather specific. If you plan to use the city as a base to work, I recommend staying there on a short or mid term basis. Prices in the city are on the rise since Slovakia joined the Euro, and scams targeting foreigners are not uncommon.

Digital Nomad in Slovakia: Countryside

Strbske Pleso by montino

Fortunately for digital nomads, Slovakia has much more to offer than its capital. Even if it’s a relatively small country, the differences between the capital and other regions are significant.

The most beautiful region of Slovakia is the High Tatras mountain range. Apart from its unparalleled beauty, this region also offers extremely low prices for accommodation and food.

Since the region depends heavily on its seasonal business (ski related activities), there are many places at cheap prices out of season. You can easily get high quality rooms with all facilities for as low 10 € per night.

Activities like cycling and hiking are an excellent option for weekends and to relax.

If you enjoy nightlife and clubs, your best bet is Kosice. The second biggest city of the country is also an excellent gateway to Slovakia if you like paying reasonable prices for accommodations and restaurants.

Kosice has a very complex past, with an extremely varied demographic profile. It also has the second best nightlife in the country, with the difference that bars and clubs are not packed with foreigners. You can check some options here.


Slovakia is definitely worth visiting as a digital nomad. If you are coming from Austria, you will be glad to see cheaper prices for virtually any service. Since Slovakia is a part of the Eurozone, there are very few reasons anyone should stay in the country for more than a few months.

If you are an experienced traveler, you will probably be able to enjoy Slovakia as a digital nomad. If you are in the beginning of your digital journey, you are better off in Romania or Serbia, if you want to stay in Europe.

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