Best 15 Inch Laptop – Asus Models 2016

Here is the result of my research to find the best 15 inch laptop among Asus laptops available for sale in the beginning of 2016 with a 15 inch screen

Buying a laptop is certainly not an easy task nowadays, there are just too many options. From hardware to operational system, there is a number of factors that can influence the choice you make and the road from a value deal to a huge mistake is shorter than you expect.

It’s important to stress that there’s no such thing as “the most reliable laptop” or anything like “a laptop that’s good for everyone”. It always depends on what you need your laptop for.

If you are like me, studying or working hours on the computer, having a decent size screen is just essential for your work to flow smoothly and also to make yourself as comfortable as you can in a position that you may need to it in front of the computer for hours at each time.

I’ve been trying to buy during the last few years only 15 inch screen laptops, because I judge them to be just about the right size of screen that doesn’t make my eyes tired. I also consider 15 inch screen laptops to be rather easy to move with, since 17 inch laptops are a bit too big, and also harder to find suitable bags to transport them on.

At this time, I will only list devices that could be the best 15 inch laptop from the Taiwanese brand Asus.

A brief note on the name of the brand: Asus derives from Pegasus, and they chose Asus so it could rank higher on various lists of companies and telephone books.

I myself have never had any problem with any Asus device (they also have a good selection of android phones). They use the same hardware as most big laptop producers use, so you don’t have to worry about quality, since it’s basically at the same level as Acer, Dell, Lenovo and others.

So, down to the list to selecte the best 15 inch laptop from among Asus devices in 2016:


asus rog notebook

The Asus Rog line is very robust, and also ideal if you work with software that require a powerful hardware. An excellent choice for someone who needs a powerful 15 inch laptop with a reasonable price tag. Click here read more and buy your Asus Rog GL551 AH71 on .

I really like the design of this laptop and its metalic body gives a sense of quality, design and durability. It’s my best 15 inch laptop from this list of Asus models, since it’s slightly cheaper than the others yet enough powerful. Click here read more and buy your ASUS K501UX on .


This Asus Rog is virtually the same as the first laptop from this list, but with 16 GB ram, ideal if you need to run virtual machines on it or work with video software. Click here read more and buy your Asus Rog GL551 WH71 on .

asus zenbook pro

The Asus Zenbook Pro is the top notch model among all asus laptops. It’s certainly a reliable laptop but it’s price tag above $1000 is certainly not the most attractive. Click here read more and buy your Asus Zenbook Pro UX501JW on .

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