Best Air Purifiers and Why you Should Get One

In this post we will list the best air purifiers and understand how you can improve your qualify of life using one

Do you know that there is an easy way to improve your air quality indoors? Getting one of the best air purifiers can certainly improve your quality of life, and in this post we will analyze the advantages of an air purifier.

How Clean is The Air Aroud You?

Before you consider buying a air purifier, you should analyze a number of aspects that may be influencing the air quality where you live. That applies to the air quality outdoors, but also indoors.

There are certainly many aspects that influence the air quality in your surroundings. Some of the main ones are pollution, dust, mold, pollen, smoke and even cleaning products such as laundry power or soap.

Meteorological patterns may also contribute to the level of pollution in your location. Even a city that may not be an industrial hub, may suffer from pollution brought by other areas.

How is the Air Quality in Your City?

If you aren’t sure about the quality of the air in your city. You can visit the website. It features live pollution data for most cities in the world. From this website, we can see that some of the most polluted areas of the world are in China and India. In the US, Pennsylvania, New York and California are some of the most polluted states.

Benefits and Advantages of an Air Purifier

Getting an air purifier has great benefits, especially if you have problems with allergy and live in a polluted area. Let’s check some of the benefits having an air purifier will bring to your living space.

Remove Odors

Especially if you live in small spaces, like a studio appartment, an air purifier will remove cooking and smoke odors from your ambient. Your kitchen will be fresh even if you cook using very fragrant spices.

Filter Pollution and Dust

That is probably the best advantage of getting an air purifier if you suffer from asthma, sinusitis, hay fever or allergies. An air purifier will remove dust, mold, and other pollution particles from your room.

Breathing Pure Air

If you live in a polluted area, breathing pure air, at least indoors, will minimize the effects of exposure to pollution. Reducing the amount of time you are exposed to air with high PM2.5 and PM10 is crucial to maintain your health and quality of life.

Now, let’s check our list of the best air purifiers currently available:

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I strongly recommend you buying a air purifier with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High efficiency particulate air. HEPA fiters have a capacity to filter up to 99.97% particles that have a size equal or greater than 0.3 microns.

Do you have one of this models from our list of the best air purifiers or considering to buy one? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment box below.

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