Best Cameras for YouTube Vlogging 2017

The best cameras for YouTube vlogging in 2017 are ideal for anyone willing to create awesome content and broaden their audience online

Are you a YouTuber or willing to become a successful one? Check this list of the best cameras for YouTube vlogging in 2017 and understand the key requirements for content quality for vloggers.

best cameras for youtube vlogging

Best Cameras for YouTube Vlogging Table

Check our table with quick specs for the best cameras for vloggers:

 ModelMaximum Video ResolutionMegapixels  
canon-eos-70DCanon EOS 70DFull HD20.2 MPCheck on Amazon.comCheck on
sony-alpha-a6500Sony Alpha A65004K24.2 MPCheck on Amazon.comCheck on
fujifilm-xt10Fujifilm X-T10Full HD16.3 MPCheck on Amazon.comCheck on
panasonic-g7Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7KK4K16 MPCheck on
olympus-OM-D-E-M10-Mark II
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IIFull HD16 MPCheck on
Check on
Nikon D5600Full HD24.2Check on
Check on

Now, let’s understand a bit better how to choose a camera and improve your YouTube audience.

The YouTube Vlogging Market

If you are thinking about creating or upgrading your vlog, you know how powerful the YouTube platform is. You might know this or not, but YouTube is in fact the second most used search engine in the world, just behind Google.

Since YouTube was founded however, the YouTube Vloggin market has changed dramatically. In the early days, virtually anyone uploading a video with good keywords could rank well, even if the video and audio quality were low.

Now even with a good equipment, it might be tough to start a new channel. For this reason, I recommend you to use one of the best YouTube vlogging cameras available, or at least one with above the average audio and video quality.

How YouTube Vloggers Make Money

Let’s be honest, one of the aspiration of almost any vlogger is to built some income from it. Many even dream to built a full time income from it.

While some niches are extremly competitive others are much easier to position yourself in a good spot. Regardless of your niche, you better deliver quality content to maintain viewers entertained, watch your videos entirely and finally subscribing to your channel.

The most popular way of making money on YouTube is with Google AdSense. With Google AdSense you get paid by views and also when a user click an ad on your video.

However, if your vlog grows big and you have good charisma, there are other lucrative ways to earn money with vlogging. Many vloggers have website were they sell their products for example. Others have sponsors. And finally, a good part of them uses platforms like Patreon.

The amount of money you will make will heavily depend on your niche and how you monetize it. More views do not necessarily mean more money, and its important that you know how to transform your audience into profit.

Aspects to Consider Before Choosing a Vlogging Camera

After this brief introduction about YouTube vlogging, we will analyze the main aspects for the best YouTube vlogging cameras. But firstly, let’s analyze the key technical aspects that every good camera for vlogging should have:


An ideal camera for vlogging should have excellent results in different lighting conditions. If you are vlogging mostly indoors, it should have a good quality to record in poorly lit conditions. Professional lighting is not only expensive but also not very portable, so you have to rely on a good camera, especially if you vlog while traveling.


Another important aspect of a vlogging camera is its audio quality. While some cameras have a mic input, others do not. If your camera does not have a mic input or if you have not a good microphone, make sure your camera is able to record your voice clearly. A poorly recorded audio results often in a high bounce rate and dislike ratio.

Video and Photo

Finally, you should decide what is the type of content you want to produce. Do you want to do just vlogs? Do you also have a blog? Do you have an instagram account? Are you the outdoor adventurous type of person? Depending on your answers the ideal camera will be different. While DSLRs if you prioritize versatility, much cheaper cameras can have good results if you only vlog from your bedroom.

Best Cameras for YouTube Vlogging 2017

Now let’s get to the actual list of the best YouTube vlogging cameras available in 2017. Below we have some of the best models, with links to read more about them on and for UK viewers.

Canon EOS 70D


Possibly the best camera for vlogging in 2017. It has a lot of cool features, including a 3 inch flipping LCD panel.

This camera is ideal for almost any activities related to running a vlog. It behaves extremely well in both indoor and outdoor environments, delivering awesome video quality. Its LCD panel is one of the best among high-end cameras, and will certainly help you to save time while tweaking your video settings quickly.

Click here to buy this camera on

Click here to buy this camera on

Sony Alpha A6500


This is an extremely powerful camera not only for vlogging, but for any kind of activity. It has 24.2 MP and records video in 4K resolution.

One of the best advantages about this camera is its extremely reliable Autofocus. In my opinion the Autofocus is something that many vloggers recordings lack, but with the Sony Alpha A6500 you won’t have this problem.

Click here to buy this camera on

Click here to buy this camera on

Fujifilm X-T10


This is one of the latest releases by Fujifilm X-T10 and in my opinion, has one of the best designs among the best vlogging cameras on this list. It records video at Full HD resolution at 60p and has a built in stereo microphone.

Its LCD is not touch sensitive, which is a disadvantage compared to other models in this list. However this Fujifilm is extremely well built and has also pretty compact dimensions.

Click here to buy this camera on

Click here to buy this camera on

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7KK


The Panasonic Lumix G7 certainly deserves a place among the best cameras for YouTube vlogging. It is in fact one of the most inexpensive 4K cameras.

The only downsize about this camera in my opinion is that its materials do not look and feel very high-end. However, considering this camera has excellent 4k capabilities for a rather affordable price, it is certainly an excellent choice for photographers and vloggers.

Click here to buy this camera on

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

olympus-OM-D-E-M10-Mark II

This 16 Megapixels mirrorless camera¬†captures video at 1080p with extremely high quality. It is also rather affordable, if you don’t want to invest much in an expensieve DSLR.

The¬†Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II looks and feels extremely high-end, its design its certainly one of its highlights. One of its cons is the fact that it doesn’t support 4k video, however, I consider this of little influence for vlogging.

Click here to buy this camera on

Click here to buy this camera on

Nikon D5600

One of the latest released by Nikon. This DSLR camera is extremely versatile for recording both indoor and outdoors vlogging. It records Full HD videos at 60 ps. It is also a great camera for photography, if you also will run a blog together with your YouTube vlog.

The image quality of this camera is certainly one of its best advantages, especially if you want a camera not only for vlogging. One of the disadvantages of this camera is that its maximum video resolution is just 1080p (which is pretty good for vlogs anyway).

Click here to buy this camera on

Click here to buy this camera on

There are also other more affordable cameras that will still deliver decent results for Youtube vlogging. If you are running an YouTube channel, you may be interested in reading this post on how to earn more views on YouTube.

Other tips for broadening your audience on YouTube

Apart from getting one of the best cameras for YouTube vlogging, you should also consider some of this tips to improve the quality of your videos. As you probably know, a low quality video results in high bounce rate, decreasing the overall exposure of your videos by YouTube algorithm. So check the tips below:

Noise Reduction: make sure you are recording a vlog in a noiseless or low noise environment. Even with a great camera noise can be a problem, which can easily annoy your audience. Avoid especially windy places.

Background Music: choosing a background music might be helpful, depending on your type of video and audience. Make sure its volume its not too high. If you unsure about this, it is better to have no music than something that can distract your audience from your speech.

Organized and light environment: if you use your camera for vlogging mostly indoors, choose a tidy, organized place to do it. Keep light levels balanced, and do a few test videos to make sure your image and light quality are up to your audience expectations.

Did you like our post on the best cameras for YouTube vlogging in 2017? Do you use any of these cameras? Leave your comments below.

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