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Dash cams are spreading fast in Europe, here you will read more about why also should be getting one, and analyse the best dash cam UK models available for anyone living in the UK and Europe.

best dash cam uk 2016

If I was to write this post 10 years ago, it would certainly attract just a few readers, as dash cams were something only video recording enthusiasts or DIY engineers would be interested in, but now, this trend is completely different, with dash cams widely available in all global markets. On this post, we will check what are the best dash cam UK models.

If you are reading this and you don’t live in the UK or in some European country, you can read more on this post about dash cams available on the US market.

What is a dash cam?

Dash cams, or dashboard cameras are video recording devices normally attached the windshield of your car and are intended to record all moments of your daily driving (and in some cases and in some models, they also record when the car is with its engine off).

Why are dash cams useful

If you are not familiarised with a dash cam, you might be asking yourself: “why should I record everything when I am driving, if I just commute to your and back home?”, but the truth is that dash cams have multiple uses, you can their recordings for example to avoid some kinds of fraud, and also use them as evidence in case you get involved in a situation in which you are innocent. In this cases the dash cam can really help you.

Many users install a dash cam for recreational reasons, in case they like to travel, they record all the moments of their road trip, select the best parts, edit it and share with friends uploading it on youtube.

What should I consider when buying a dash cam in the UK?

There are only two factors that are significantly important to determine what dashcam model you should buy: resolution and storage capacity.

If you are looking to create nice videos, with a decent quality, you should opt for a dash cam with a good resolution, more specifically a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The storage capacity is also quite relevant, most of them work with SD cards, so you can buy an SD card with more GB if the one who comes with the dash cam is not enough.

Let’s take a look at best models available on Amazon UK:

Best Dash Cam UK Models List (2016)

E-PRANCE® New G1W Novatek 2.7″

1920*1080 High-definition video recording
140 degree ultra wide angle lens
CPU: Novatek NT96650 processor
G-sensor,2.7″ LCDS,support MPEG-4/MOV

It has a G sensor, which is often used to determine the importance of different moments, as incidents are most often related to hard breaking which causes sharp changes of gravity. Click here to read more and buy this dash cam from Amazon UK.

Tendak 2.7″ Car DVR Camera Recorder

2.7″ HD colorful display screen car dvr camera recorder with Aux port that can be connected to a headphone or speaker and mini HDMI output to tv/laptop for playback
Super wide 170 degree diagonal angel view. Real 1080p dash camera! high quality full hd videos that provides you a wonderful visual perception, you can read the number plate or road sign/markings very clear, support night vision, picture quality is very good at night.
This dash cam is very easy to use. Simple fixated with 230 degree rotating holder (included), power supply from the car charger, With big and high quality suction cup that can be sticked to glass perfectly and will not falling down. built-in colling system, 14 ventilation hole to lower the temperature and increasing service life.
Features Auto ON/OFF, start recording as soon as the ignition is switched on, when you switch off the ignition it will run for around 3 seconds then shut down. With power save function, screen automatically go off after 3 min to avoid distraction and save car battery power if you turn on this function in setting. Silent switch: “Previous” key to turn on/off the voice. Item weight: 58g/2oz, super light weight, suction cup can hold it easily and will not falling down.
Come with High-Capacity Class 10 Micro SD Card 16GB (Supports up to 32GB). Car charger: 340cm/11fts. With other unique features such as MOV video format, H.264 codec, High Heat Resistant that offer you a variety of choices. Wide Dynamic Image Photographic Technology, Automatic Segmented Loop Record, Motion Detection, Night Vision, G-Sensor, 4 Times Digital Zoom

A powerful 1080p HD dash cam, with a capacity of taking up to 32GB SD cards. It has a wider angle than the E-PRANCE model. Click here to read more and buy this dash cam from Amazon UK.

AUSDOM In Car Camera A261 with Built-in GPS Tracking

ULTIMATE in Car Video Camera; concerned that you may be in an accident, and without evidence to back up your story? The Car Dash Cam attaches to your dash or windshield, and records the road in full HD for a crystal clear video of your journey! It is designed compact and small, so it doesn’t block your view or impede your vision while driving.This dash cam is also for 24V truck use.
FULL HD Dash Cam; forget cheap dashcam, with a superior Night-vision by world class F1.8 Seven-Glass lenses, and unique HDR (High Dynamic Range) video system, the Car Dash Cam records in the highest quality full HD 1920 *1080P videos and images both day and night at 30fps with a 130° viewing angle, to ensure the details of your journeys are crystal clear!
2.0 INCH TFT LCD DISPLAY; it will conveniently and instantly playback and view record videos by using the rear, high resolution 2.0 inch LCD display, for convent viewing without needing to attach to a computer or external screen! The camera will turn on and automatically start recording, so you won’t worry about forgetting to capture every moment.
BUILT IN GPS FUNCTIONALITY; capture the most precise and complete video on the market! The inbuilt, innovative GPS device allows for capturing and insertion of exact GPS location data to recorded videos for a complete record of your journey! It is also integrated with G-sensor, Google Maps and file damage repair function.
EXPANDABLE MEMORY; never lose your recordings, the Car video recorder uses micro SD memory cards to expand the Car DVR’s memory up to 64G, ensuring all your recordings are secure! Lifetime guarantee! Click the orange button to order now!

It can store up to 64GB with is a sound advantage. True full HD 1080 p model. Click here to read more and buy this dash cam from Amazon UK.

Transcend 16GB DrivePro 200 Car Video Recorder

Smooth, detailed Full HD 1080p recording @ 30fps
160 viewing angle gives an extra wide perspective of on-road events
Bright 2.4-inch colour LCD screen for live view and video playback
7 Glass lenses for ultra sharp picture
Motion G-Sensor detects impacts and automatically protects current recording

This is simply the best selling dash cam currently available on Click here to read more and buy this dash cam from Amazon UK.

Nextbase In Car Dash Cam Camera DVR Dashboard Digital Driving Video Recorder

720p HD recording with 120 degree Ultra wide viewing angle to record every unexpected moment
Bright, clear 2 inch LED screen for easy viewing
Provides you with instant evidence to support insurance claims to help prove an incident was not your fault
G Sensor saves important incident video files to ensure they are not overwritten
Easy to install with included 12v power cable and window mount

This model is quite affordable, even if it has a smaller LCD screen and less resolution than the some of the others DVRs on this list. Click here to read more and buy this dash cam from Amazon UK.

These is the best dash cam UK list for 2016, most of them cost under 100 pounds, so it might be a good investment for enhancing your driving experience.

If you want to see how a typical dash cam recording looks like, you can check it on this link here where a dash cam recorded a meteorite flying on Russian skies.

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