Best Laptops for Assetto Corsa

Best laptops for Assetto Corsa: If you are into PC racing simulations, read more to know how to choose the ideal laptop to run this simulator

Do you like to enjoy racing games and simulators on your PC? Check our list with the best laptops for assetto corsa, featuring system requirements to run this simulator on optimal settings.


Assetto Corsa: Overview

Racing simulators are some of most popular games for PC together with first person shooters. Among these games, Assetto Corsa is one of the most interesting and realistic. The company behind this game, KUNOS Simulazioni, is an Italian company which has its headquarters on a racing circuit,

Assetto Corsa is definitely one of my favorite games on this genre, for 2 specific reasons: its physics engine, which is in my opinion one of the most realistic for pc car gamers, and its wide variety of mods created by users.

There is also a number of DLCs available on Steam which are not free but help the gamer to keep interested on playing the game as seeing what’s new. Among these, there are laser scanned tracks such as the iconic Nordschleife circuit.

Assetto Corsa System Requirements for Laptops

If you want to get the best laptop for Assetto Corsa, you should bear in mind that this game should be ran not using the minimum requirements. The optimal sim racing experience involves going for the recommended settings or more, as FPS and graphics are essential to experience its game.

Let’s start by choosing a powerful processor. If you want to run Assetto Corsa, or any demanding game for that matter, you should go for a quad core processor. While hyper-threading is not essential, it is also a good idea to get the most out of your gaming experience.

I would recommend buying a laptop with processor from the Skylake or Kaby Lake generation of Intel chips. You can choose the i7-6700HQ from the Skylake generation, or the i7-7700HQ from the Kaby Lake generation. These are good examples of popular high-end quad core processors with hyper-threading.

According to this website you should have a quad core processor, at least 6GB ram and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or above. The hardest part among these is to find an affordable laptop which a video card up to these standards. As for RAM, most decent gaming laptops have more than 6GB of memory as of 2018.

Another great thing you can do to optimize your Assetto Corsa is tweaking the video.ini file. It is located at your Assetto Corsa\cfg directory. More details on graphic settings tweaking an optimization of the video.ini file are available on this thread.

Where to buy an Affordable Laptop for Assetto Corsa

Here are some models of value laptops to run Assetto Corsa from and on in case you live in the UK:


Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptop – 15.6″ Full HD, Core i7- 7700HQ, 8 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD + 128GB SSD, GTX 1050, Metal Chassis – i5577-7359BLK-PUS

Dell is one of my favorite brands for high-end affordable laptops. The company manages to deliver low prices for pretty good laptops, since they have a huge structure.

This Dell Inspiron is the perfect example of how Dell knows the market well and what the customers want. It’s extremely affordable, and its hardware components are often found in much more expensive devices.

Starting from its processor, we can see that this laptop is a really powerful gaming machine. The i7-7700HQ quad core is the most popular mobile processor among high-end laptops released in 2017. It uses the hyper-threading technology to have an extremely high benchmark.

But that’s not everything for this Dell Inspiron. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 will allow a great gaming experienc for most games released this year.

Aorus X5 v7-KL3K3D 15.6″ Notebook IPS WQHD+ 7th Gen Intel i7-7820HK, GeForce GTX 1070 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 256GB SSD Win 10 Slim and Light Gaming Laptop

This one is a beast.  The Aorus X5 V7-KL3K3D is an extremely powerful machine that is a great choice for sim racing, and deserves a place in our list of the best laptops for Assetto Corsa.

This version in the Aorus series has the i7-7820HK CPU. It is is currently one of the most popular and powerful available for laptops.

While not as affordable as some of the others on this list, the Aorus X5 comes with 16 GB RAM, a hybrid storage (256 GB solid state + 1 TB HDD) and the GeForce GTX 1070. It has a 15.6 inch screen with Full HD resolution.

Newest ASUS ROG Strix Hero II 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop PC | Intel 6-Core i7-8750H Upto 4.1GHz | 32GB RAM | 1024GB SSD Boot + 2TB HDD | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 | Backlit Keyboard | Windows 10

This ASUS Rog Strix is one of the best releases for the gaming market this year. It is also one of the most affordable high-end laptops currently available. It is certainly among the best laptops for Assetto Corsa.

The ASUS ROG Strix Hero II is a great laptop for sim racing, as its powered by a quad core processor with hyperthreading, and a pretty powerful GPU. As mentioned above, the Core i7-8750H is an extremely popular processor.

It also has a great storage capacity, featuring both a solid state drive and a hard disk. All in all, this is currently one of the best value for the money laptops ever released by ASUS Rog.

Dell 2020 Newest Inspiron 15 5000 15.6 Inch FHD 1080P Laptop (Intel Core i7-7500U up to 3.5 GHz, 32GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD (Boot) + 1TB HDD, Windows 10) + NexiGo Wireless Mouse Bundle

Here we come to the last model in our list of the best laptops for Assetto Corsa. Even if Dell doesn’t have a lot of gaming models available, this one is certainly a great choice.

This Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is the perfect gaming machine, and that can be noticed from the first glance. Its aggressive design shows a powerful gaming vocation, and its hardware reflects that perfectly.

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