Best Mobile Phones for Travellers – December 2015

Here is my list with analysis for the best mobile phones for travellers – December 2015.

In today’s post, I have thoroughly analyzed what would be the best mobile phones for travelers available in December 2015 worldwide for travelers. But, before going directly to the device’s list, one must understand what are the actual requirements for a traveler, and what should one look when buying a mobile phone if you travel cross-borders and frequently.

So, breaking down the aspects that I consider relevant for a traveler to find in his choice of mobile phone, I have concluded the following items are fundamental: battery life, dual-sim, weight, price, and camera.

Let’s take a look at each one of these points, to understand what we are exactly looking for:

Battery life: If you have travelled for more than a weekend and eve n if your routine is not so repetitive you will find yourself running out of battery in the wild, or even in urban situations in which access to electric power might not be available, so, if you consider taking a 24 hour train in India this situation might result in a dead phone with no possibility to charge it, leaving you in a quite worrying condition, especially if you have all maps and bookings on your device.

Dual-sim (or Multi Sim): If you travel in rather small areas with a number of countries, you will find that if your device has the ability to connect more than one simcard crucial for your finances and for the smoothness of your travel, let alone the fact that it might happen that one company offers a better internet data plan, while the other company offer more minutes for a cheaper fee, making the possibility to connect more than one sim very handy in multiple scenarios.

Weight: The device weight might not be that relevant but one must understand that the less weight you carry, the easier will be for you to move around, and if you are travelling, you will do this quite often.

Price: this is a point where I have a rather different approach than most people. In my opinion, if you will travel, you will take a number of risks, and that applies to your device as well. From scratches to robbery, if you are an extensive traveler  you shouldn’t invest a lot a money in a mobile device that will be used in not the most gentle manners.

Camera: unless you are at least a hobbyist photography and taking amazing pictures is fundamental for your journey, today, there are a number of mobiles offering decent quality in-built cameras, and not having to carry a camera is a point that will definitely help you with one of above requirements, the weight.

Here are our list of recommended models:

Huawei P8 Lite


The Huawei P8 Lite is our most affordable option, with it’s price just above the 200$ mark, it’s brand new cell phone with an optimal price, so you will certainly not stress a lot in case you damage it, not that you should anyways. Considering the price, it’s in the top position for the best mobile phones for travellers this month.

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Lenovo K80


The Lenovo K80 was released a few months ago in April 2015,  it has 520 hours of standby time, and dual sim, which is fundamental for travelling. It hs a 5.5″ inches screen and it’s weigh it’s quite above our other competitors, with 158g. It’s price mark starts from 230 USD, which is still very affordable for what it delivers and deserve a place in our list of best mobile phones.

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HTC Desire 728 dual sim



The HTC Desire 728 is being just released this November, so it’s a brand new device on the market, with specifications very similar to  those of the Lenovo K80. It’s still not widely available, so you will have to wait a little bit if you want to buy this one.


Huawei Honor 7


The Huawei Honor 7 was made available to the public this July, and it’s already a level above our other competitors. It is an octacore cell phone which guarantees faster and smooth application use, but it has much less battery life than the Huawei P8lite. It’s reasonably priced coming in 3 colors at $480.

Huawei Honor 7 Android 5.0 Hisilicon Kirin 935 Octa Core Dual Sim 5.2 Inch Unlocked Cellphone (Black)

Sony Xperia M5 dual


This cellphone by Sony is probably my favorite from this list of best mobile phones for travellers in December 2015. It’s an octa-core with a 21 megapixels camera, it has 500 hours of standby battery time, which is fine but not excellent. The least attractive feature about this phone is the price, hovering above 400$.


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