Best Peer to Peer Lending Sites in Europe (Updated 2021)

Check out our list of the best peer to peer lending platforms in Europe, featuring great options if you want to diversify your portfolio of investments

Do you want to invest money online in peer to peer lending platforms? Check our guide with the best peer to peer lending sites in Europe, featuring updated information for 2021.

If you’re interested in the current state of the market as we see it, check out our State of P2P lending in Europe article. Or if you’re new to peer to peer investing, check out our P2P Lending for beginners article.

best p2p lending platforms in Europe

What is peer to peer Lending?

If you are here coming from an organic search, you probably have a reasonable idea of what is a p2p lending site. But, to neutralize any possible doubt, p2p sites, or peer to peer lending platforms are basically websites that allow you to lend money to individuals and earn interest rate when the money is paid back. Peer to peer lending sites are actually booming not only in Europe, but around the world.

There are many p2p lending platforms in Europe and they serve loans of all types of purposes. Some of them are personal loans, real estate loans, car loans and even agricultural loans. In other cases, you might also find invoice financing type of loans and even real estate loans.

The p2p lending market provides a viable way to earn passive income, with many of these platforms achieving above-average interest rates.

How Safe is Peer to Peer Lending in Europe?

The level of safety regarding p2p lending platforms in Europe is variable. In 2020 there were some very unfortunate problems that rocked the p2p industry, but the platforms that survived are the ones that you’d want to be involved with. They are leading the charge in creating a safe, stable, and profitable industry for years to come. Usually in the p2p lending market, the higher is the return, the higher is the risk of a default, but that is not always the case. Many peer 2 peer lending platforms and other crowdfunding websites have different levels of guarantees. As a whole, European p2p investors are excited and energized by the way the p2p lending market provides easy asset management.

Best peer to peer Lending Sites in Europe

To help you on your journey towards financial independence, below are the best p2p platforms available today. They have long track records and provide higher returns than many other financial vehicles.

Now let’s get to the best European p2p lending sites currently available in 2021:


Mintos peer to peer lending


Mintos is at the moment, one of the most popular p2p lending platforms in Europe at the moment. It started in 2015 in Latvia, and has now a leading role in this niche.

Apart from its very clean and smooth platform and a good customer support, Mintos has a number of other important advantages. First of all, you don’t need to live in Europe to invest in Mintos, and the sign-up process is pretty straightforward. Other than that, Mintos is expanding out of Europe, so you can also invest through Mintos on loans in countries like Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kenya and many others.

Click here to open an account on Mintos and earn a 0.5% bonus

By using the link above you will get 0.5% of your average daily balance which is paid in 3 installments for the first 90 days.

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full Mintos review here.

Mintos Pros

  • Widest variety of loan and loans originators.
  • Highly advanced auto invest tool.
  • Opportunity to invest in loans in Europe but also in some Asian and African countries.

Mintos Cons

  • Buyback guarantee is available, but not to all loans.

Mintos Verdict

My overall Mintos Review verdict is extremely positive. In fact, I wish that there were more peer to peer lending platforms and diverse, flexible and reliable as Mintos. It is an excellent platform if you want to get started with p2p lending, and it offers so many investing opportunities that you will feel like spending hours searching for the types of loans that suit better to your investment strategy.

iuvo logo

IUVO Group

IUVO is another option incorporated in Estonia, probably the most friendly jurisdiction for fintech companies. The company is growing exponentially with opportunities to invest in loans in various countries, including Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland and others. Loans are available in euros and other local currencies such as the Bulgarian leva.

Click here to visit IUVO

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full IUVO review here.


  • Great returns – the platform has annual returns of up to 15.22% and an average of 9.2%. You can also choose to invest in high interest loans only.
  • Multiple currencies – investors can choose to invest in Euro loans, Bulgarian Lev (BGN) or Romanian Leu (RON).
  • Large number of available loans – the platform has a large volume of loans to choose from.


  • Buyback guarantee only covers the principle and not the interests.
  • The secondary market is not free; the platform charges 1% of the announced amount.

IUVO Verdict

Iuvo is a great platform for all investors, especially investors who can maximize their earnings by using the referral program. The same can be said for those using discounted loans and flipping delayed loans. The investors’ money has a buyback guarantee regardless of what happens with the loan.

In addition, all transactions on the platform are free for the investors, this gives the platform additional points.

peerberry logo


PeerBerry also deserves a place among the best peer to peer lending platform currently operating in Europe. The company operates with various loan originators from Europe, mostly with short term loans. Among them, there are originators from Poland, Denmark and Ukraine. By the time this article was published, PeerBerry also provided an opportunity to invest in one real estate project in Lithuania.

Click here to visit PeerBerry

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full PeerBerry review here

PeerBerry Pros

  • The platform’s UI, simple and intuitive.
  • It is operated by Aventus Group, which has a proven profitability track record and experience in the lending industry.

PeerBerry Cons

  • The platform is growing rapidly but the loans are not necessarily increasing in number.

PeerBerry Verdict

As we can see in this Peerberry review, the company is definitely a good option in the peer to peer lending market.The platform has everything that investors look for, buyback guarantee on loans, sell back options, easy to use auto invest tools and good yields.

The platform covers loans in several European countries and is also great for investors looking to expand their portfolio. The site is also one of the best P2P platforms in terms of design and the user interface is easy to use. It is also a great option for new investors.

debitum network

Debitum Network

Debitum Network is another option for those considering a dynamic peer to peer lending platform. It offers a number of different type of investments, including invoice factoring. The earnings for most loans are at around 10% p.a. which is pretty high, especially considering asset backed loans with a buy back guarantee.

Click here to visit Debitum.Network

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full review here.

Debitum.Network Pros

  • All of the projects offer buyback guarantee.
  • Investors from around the globe can invest.

Debitum.Network Cons

  • Only short-term investments to SMEs are available.

Debitum Network Review: Verdict

Investors thinking of investing on a peer to peer lending platform should definitely consider investing on Debitum Network. Because of the buyback guarantee associated with all of the projects available here, if a borrower fails to pay off in time, the loan originator will pay the principal as well as the incurred interest to the lender. That’s why it is a great platform for new P2P lenders to start with.

This platform is a great option for experienced P2P lenders as well. It is a great option to diversify and earn up to 10% investing in various projects.


CrowdProperty is a UK-based real estate peer-to-peer lender that specializes in property bridging and development loans with low loan-to-value ratios. It’s based in Birmingham, UK.

Click here to visit CrowdProperty

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full CrowdProperty review here.

CrowdProperty Pros

  • FCA authorized and regulated since Nov 2017
  • Long operating track record and proven experience with over 5 years in the market
  • Good yields of about 8% p.a. on secured assets with excellent LTV’s.
  • 1st legal charge security on all projects
  • The simple registration process and an intuitive easy-to-use website
  • Availability of an AutoInvest option
  • Availability of an ISA and pension lending for tax-free investing
  • A high volume of loans on the platform
  • Thorough due diligence ensuring 100% repayment and minimal defaults of capital and interest and zero defaults to date
  • Market leading transparency on their statistics page
  • Independent verification of lending performance by Brismo

CrowdProperty Cons

  • No repurchase guarantee
  • Lack of a secondary market
  • Minimum investment requirement of 500 GBP on each loan (unless using AutoInvest to divide capital across up to 10 projects, investing 50 GBP minimum in each)
  • AutoInvest only allows a maximum of 20% of the portfolio for lending

CrowdProperty Verdict

Bottomline: In this CrowdProperty review we uncovered an established platform that allows investors to diversify into the real estate industry. It’s authorized and regulated by the FCA, further cementing its reputation.

It has an easy-to-use platform and a great deal flow that ensures constant availability of investment opportunities. On the downside, there is no secondary market. Investors, therefore, have to wait until project completion to get returns.

Given its long, profitable operating history, and the experienced team at the helm, CrowdProperty is a great choice for investors looking to diversify into the property sector.

Fast Invest

Fast Invest is a UK-based, beginner, friendly P2P investing platform founded in 2015. Its primary focus is on consumer-based loans, with a broad investor base of over 30,000 registered investors.

Click here to visit Fast Invest

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full Fast Invest review here.

The company is a market leader and visionary financial company making it easier for individual investors to get a piece of the action.

Opening an Account on Fast Invest

Opening an account on Fast Invest is simple and straightforward. All you need is a valid email address and your necessary details. You must also meet the platforms’ other requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a bank account in your name within the EU
  • Verify account with a national identity card or passport.

How to invest in Fast Invest

Register an account to start investment through Fast Invest. Once you’ve created an account, add funds to kickstart your investment journey. Add money to your account via bank transfer; it’s the only valid option at the moment. The minimum investment amount is just 1 Euro.

Once the funds hit your Fast Invest account, it’s time to start investing. You can manually search for loans on the platform or use the auto-invest tool, which will automatically invest your money in loans that meet your criteria.

From there, relax and wait for your monthly profits consisting of both principal and interest payments.

Types of investment available at Fast Invest

Currently, you can only invest in loans through the Fast Invest platform. The loans are either in Euro or Polish Zloty. Euro loans typically yield 13% for Spanish loans and 9% for Danish loans. All investments have a duration shorter than a year.

Fast Invest Auto Invest Tool

Fast Invest features a well designed, easy to use auto-invest tool. Investors require a minimum of 10 Euros when investing automatically. You can create several auto-invest portfolios, but there might be much use unless you’re investing in differently denominated currencies.

How much can you earn on Fast Invest

Fast Invest offers an attractive rate of return on their loan investment portfolio. Typically, yields range from 9 – 16% depending on the loan. Returns also vary based on the level of risk/reward desired.

Who can invest in Fast Invest?

Fast Invest is open to both individual and corporate investors. You also require a bank account with your name within the EU to invest on the platform.

Fast Invest Pros

  • Minimum investment of only 1 Euro
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • No investment fees
  • 100% pre-funded loans

Fast Invest Cons

  • Few loan types

Fast Invest Verdict

It’s our view that Fast Invest is a reasonably secure platform to invest through. The signup process is straightforward, and the platform is user-friendly with a risk/reward level that caters to all investors.

The only downside, in our opinion, is the lack of transparency about the identity of the loan originators. An investment platform like Fast Invest ought to disclose the loan originators, giving investors a broader base of information in making decisions.

EstateGuru Logo Option 6


EstateGuru is a mix of P2P lending platform and also a real estate crowdfunding platform. Based in the Baltics (like Mintos), on EstateGuru you will be lending money for real estate projects icon. I personally recommend the projects being developed in Estonia, which is having a pretty strong financial growth in recent years.

Click here to visit EstateGuru

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full Estate Guru review here.

EstateGuru Pros

  • Loans are secured and backed by real estate.
  • High interest rates, usually between 10 and 12 %
  • LTVs are less than 75%

EstateGuru Cons

  • New secondary market as of October 2019, let’s see how it performs
  • Few loans per month to diversify your portfolio

EstateGuru Verdict

EstateGuru is one of the fastest property crowdfunding platforms in Europe. Their loans have a low amount of risk and provide property as collateral. This combined with the very low default rate of the platform makes it one of the best platform to invest in.

EstateGuru also has a referral program, which is certainly a plus. You can get 0.5% of the investments your friend makes in the first 90 days using their referral pogram. Your friend will also get 0.5% of his own investment back in the first 90 days.




Founded in 2016, ViaInvest is a peer-to-peer marketplace for private lenders and borrowers. It’s based in Riga, Latvia and is owned and operated by the VIA SMS Group with a presence in four countries. ViaInvest typically issues loans to consumers in Spain, Sweden, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, and Poland.

Click here to visit ViaInvest

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full ViaInvest review here.

Opening an Account on Platform-name

The signup process is simple. Follow the process by filling out your details on the platform. You don’t have to upload any documents until when you need to make a withdrawal.

How to invest in AutoInvest

Investing through the ViaInvest platform is a simple process. Deposit funds to your account through a bank transfer(SEPA). The minimum investment in one loan is 10 Euro.

Types of investment available at ViaInvest

ViaInvest offers investors three types of loan investments from which to choose from. These are:

Short-term loans – Typically 30 days or less with the buyback guarantee kicking in after 30 days if the loan defaults.

Installment loans

– Ranging from 3 -12 months with a set of monthly payments until the loan clears.

Credit line loans

– A combination of short and installment loans that give a borrower the option to repay the loan in full after 30 days, or make monthly payments until the loan is fully paid. Interests vary on these loans.

ViaInvest Auto Invest Tool

ViaInvest has an intuitive auto-invest tool giving you the ability to define loan criteria, vendor, loan term, and whether to re-invest profits. It beats the laborious manual investing option saving savvy investors some time.

How much can you earn on ViaInvest

As of June 2019, all loans have the same interest rate at 11%

Who can invest in ViaInvest?

You must be 18 years old and accept money transfers from bank accounts from Europe, and some Scandinavian countries like Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, etc. The platform is currently only open and available to Swiss and European individual or corporate investors.

ViaInvest Pros

  • User and beginner-friendly website
  • Uniform interest rates
  • Buyback guarantee that kicks in after 30 days

ViaInvest Cons

  • Tax withholding structures that reduce investment performance
  • Low-interest rates

ViaInvest Verdict

ViaInvest is an excellent platform to invest your money. While the interest rates aren’t competitive, VIA SMS Group – a trustworthy company, backs the loan originators. The Buyback guarantee also ensures the safety of your invested funds in case of default.

ViaInvest also withholds taxes for any income generated through the platform. You can bypass that requirement by sending a copy of your Tax Certificate before making any investment. Your investment gains accrue tax under the legislation of the loan origin country.


Do Finance

DoFinance has been in operation since 2015. It’s a subsidiary of the Alfa Group, and one of the fastest expanding P2P platforms with more than 150,000 registered clients and investments worth over EUR 16 million.

The company is expanding aggressively, making inroads in Poland, Georgia, Indonesia, and developing operation in other European and Asian markets.

Click here to visit DoFinance

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full DoFinance review here.

Opening an Account on DoFinance

You require a valid email and a strong password to sign up for an account on the platform. It’s a simple procedure that takes less than five minutes. You’ll need to upload a few documents and provide additional information on yourself.

How to invest in DoFinance

Add funds to your account after registration to start investing on the platform. You can add funds through a bank transfer with transactions taking up to two working days.

Once funds hit your account, manually select projects to invest through the auto-invest tool. Check on the health of your investments by going to the “Summary” page and click on “My Investment programs.”

Types of investment available at DoFinance

The platform only offers short-term consumer loans to investors. Investors should split their investment among several loans to decrease risk. The loans range from 1 day up to 60 months.

DoFinance Auto Invest Tool

The DoFinance auto-invest tool simplifies the investing process. It saves time and ensures your money works for you 24/7.

You can use the auto-invest feature by choosing a program that offers your preferable interest rate and selecting your total investment amount. The tool will create an investment portfolio based on preferences and automatically split your investment into several loans.

How much can you earn on DoFinance

Your earnings on DoFinance depend on your invested sum and the interest in your chosen projects. Interest rates range from 4% – 11%.

Who can invest in DoFinance

You must be 18 years old, and have a valid email to become an investor on the platform. Individuals also need to hold a bank account in their name within the EU or some selected Asian countries.

DoFinance Pros

  • Easy and user-friendly platform
  • Buyback guarantee on all loans
  • Multiple auto-invest plans
  • An annual return of up to 11%

DoFinance cons

  • Non-diversification in the loan offers

DoFinance Verdict

The DoFinance platform is ideal for investors from all investment backgrounds. The intuitive auto-invest tool combined with a buyback guarantee assures the safety of your invested cash.

The platform also offers competitive annual rates making it the perfect platform for new and experienced investors.




Monestro is an Estonian based crowdlending platform specializing in P2P loans. It has a license as a credit intermediary by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority since 2016.

It’s small size and a relatively short time in the market makes it most ideal for more experienced crowd lenders that seek diversification from the usual platforms. Most investors, as of 2021, come from Estonia with a few ones from Finland.

Click here to visit Monestro

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full Monestro review here.

Opening an Account on Monestro

Monestro operates like other P2P lending platforms. You only need a valid email account to start the signup process. Investors must complete and pass the AML/KYC process, which involves submitting an official identification document or passport.

How to invest in Monestro

Start investing with as little as EUR 10 per loan after your account is verified. Investors have to bid on loans, but given Monestro’s small size, it’s likely that you’ll get all the loans you place bids on.

Types of investment available at Monestro

Monestro offers a relatively limited selection of loans to invest. However, investors have access to a horde of information regarding the borrower, including income levels, profession, and reason for the loan. Investors can also ask questions directly to the borrower to clarify aspects of the loan and minimize risk.

Monestro Auto Invest Tool

Monestro has a simple Autoinvest feature that’s difficult to master due to its complexity. It gives investors a way to customize loans for their portfolios. You must specify the minimum profitability you’re willing to accept based on the criteria you choose. If in doubt, use the defaults.

How much can you earn on Monestro?

Monestro offers some of the highest interest rates among crowdlending platforms. Monestro claims an average of 20% interest rate for investors. The interest rate is high because the platform connects borrowers and lenders directly.

Who can invest in Monestro?

Investors must be of legal age and have a residence in the European Union. Unlike other crowdlending platforms that only require an EU bank account, Monestro requires an EEA issued document passport, ID) to pass verification.

Monestro Pros

  • High average gross returns of around 26%
  • Authorized by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Low minimum investment amount
  • Auto Invest available

Monestro cons

  • Small size and low number of loans to invest
  • Only EU/EEA citizens can get verified as of 2021

Monestro Verdict

Despite its small size and the limited number of loans, Monestro is a crowd-lending platform to keep an eye on. The possibility of earning upwards of 30% on the platform makes it a juicy offer for investors. However, given its small size and little time in the market, we’d only recommend it for experienced crowdlending investors.



Neo Finance

NEO Finance is a Lithuanian based P2P platform. It offers some of the best consumer loans for Lithuanian borrowers with limits of up to 15000 EUR. Typical annual returns for investors on the platform average around 12%.

NEO Finance is licensed to operate all over the EU and holds an Electronic Money Institution(EMI) license from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Lithuania (Bank of Lithuania).

Click here to visit Neofinance

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full Neo Finance review here.

Opening an Account on Neo Finance

Opening an account on NEO Finance is free and straightforward. All you need is a valid email address. You should also be of legal age and be a resident in the EU.

How to invest in Neo Finance

With your account set up, deposit some funds to start investing. NEO Finance allows you to transfer funds using a personal IBAN number making the deposit process fast and efficient. You can select to invest manually or opt for auto-investment.

Types of investment available at Neo Finance

NEO Finance only offers P2P consumer loans. Smaller loans attract better repayment structures along with lower defaults. Investors can choose from a variety of consumer loans, including car loans, wedding loans, home repair loans, among others.

Neo Finance Auto Invest Tool

Similar to other P2P lending platforms, NEO Finance an easy to use auto-invest tool designed to help investors generate profits with minimal time investment.

Investors can use the feature to select preferences, and income goals and the tool invests in qualifying loans on behalf of the investor.

How much can you earn on Neo Finance?

Most investors on the platform get an average of 12% in annual returns. Loans usually attract a total interest of between 6 – 27%.

Returns vary based on your investment stake and your risk appetite.

Who can invest in Neo Finance?

Investors on NEO Finance must be citizens of the European Union or any other country in the European Economic Area. You must also have a valid ID, passport, or mobile signature and be of legal age (18 years).

Neo Finance Pros

  • Safe, easy to use platform
  • The high average rate of return
  • License to operate in the entire European Union
  • Buyback availability

Neo Finance cons

  • Limited diversification
  • The company is not yet profitable

Neo Finance Verdict

Despite its lack of profitability as of early 2019, NEO Finance is an excellent crowdlending platform. The sites work smoothly, and there is high transparency for investors.

In our opinion, NEO Finance is a serious player in the P2P lending scene and one of the best platforms in Europe.

Housers peer to peer lending


If you want to invest in peer to peer crowdlending for properties, Housers is on of the best options. Housers is a crowdfunding real estate platform with buy-to-let opportunities among other types of real estate investment.

The platform is from Spain, where most of the properties are as well. At the time this article was written, there were opportunities to invest in the Italian and the Portuguese real estate market too.

Click here to open an account Housers and earn a 25 € reward on your first investment

the house crowd logo peer to peer lending

The House Crowd

The House Crowd is a p2p and crowd investing platform based in Manchester, UK. It has been in operation since 2011. It offers both equity-based (joint venture profit share model) and debt-based investments. The platform has an average return of 9.2%.

Click here to visit The House Crowd

If you want more details on this peer to peer lending platform, you can also read our full The House Crowd review here.

The House Crowd Pros

  • Competitive rates of interest
  • Multiple investment types
  • Easy to use Auto Invest functionality.

The House Crowd Cons

  • Minimum £1000 investment.

BitBond peer to peer lending


Bitbond is another excellent option if you want to start with peer 2 peer platforms. This company unites two of the fastest growing trends in the fintech industry: peer 2 peer lending and cryptocurrencies.

With Bitbond you can provide lends using Bitcoins. You deposit your Bitcoins on the website and earn interest on loans provided by them. Even better, while some loans are based on the Bitcoin price, there are also other fiat currency based loans with US dollar, Euro and Pounds.

Bitbond is one of the fastest growing peer to peer platforms, and there are many opportunities to invest not only for Europeans, but worldwide. The company is based in Germany.

Click here to visit Bitbond

How much can you earn on Peer to Peer Lending Platforms in Europe

The amount you can earn will definitely vary depending on a number of factors. Some of the key factors are: the type of loan, how secure it is and the currency in which the loan was provided. It is also important to count that there are fees for depositing and withdrawing from the platform (usually charged by the bank) and often also platform maintenance fees. Finally, in most cases you will be also required to pay taxes on the income earned.

But, despite the costs involved in the operation, you can expect to have a return from 5% to 15% per annum with peer 2 peer lending in European platforms. If we take the fees out, one can probably reach results from 4% to 13% – but that is a rough estimate. Even inside the same platform you will find different kinds of returns, depending on the type of loan, loan issuer, risk and other factors.

If you want to invest in p2p loans you might also want to check real estate crowdfunding platforms. Check our list of the best real estate crowdfunding platforms in Europe.

Are you also using some of this p2p lending platforms in Europe? Or do you want to give it a try? Leave your thoughts and questions on the comment box below.

4 thoughts on “Best Peer to Peer Lending Sites in Europe (Updated 2021)”

  1. Out of all your mentioned platforms, I’ve invested in 4 of them (Mintos, Estateguru, Grupeer and Envestio). So far so good!
    I’d probably add Viainvest and Bulkestate to the list as well.

  2. Nice list indeed!
    I think that the development of the peer-to-peer industry is a good thing for both investors and borrowers. The greatest issue is that the industry in its current form and size has not been tested. It is only then that investors will discover how easy it is to access funds, how much the safeguards cover and what the maximum potential loss could be.

    • Bondora is one of the oldest, largest, and most reputable P2P platforms out there. I’m working on a review for it. Stay tuned.


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