Best SEO Courses for Beginners in 2016

If you are new to SEO and curious about learning it without spending too much, the best SEO courses for beginners in 2016 on this list are certainly worth trying


In this pot, we will list some of the best SEO courses for beginners in 2016. But before that, let’s learn a bit what is SEO and how it is important if you are an entrepreneur.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is basically the study of how a website is shown on the SERP. SERP translates to Search Engine Result Page, and in a world that almost every type of business depends on its online presence, all this is extremely important.

If you have a great product and a great website, but you haven’t taken any steps into to build your website SEO, odds are that very few people will ever find it on Google. It can bring disastrous results for your business, especially if you depend on the internet as the main point to generate income and get new clients.

We can imagine Google as a global directory of business, and there are too many of them, being found is a key to success. Therefore everyone should know about the importance of SEO, regardless of the market segment you are in.

Why Should I Learn SEO

Every time you search something on Google or Bing, or any other search engine, the first non-paid results will probably show pages with good SEO. That also happens on Youtube, Facebook, and almost any kind of online search query. Having the tools to make your website to be seen in the first positions is a gamer changer and might be crucial the development of your business.

Knowing that, you will be left with basically two options: paying for SEO, or learning SEO. In most of the cases, learning with some of the best SEO courses available is a better idea.

Paying for SEO can be quite complicated for your business as anyone, even with the smallest amount of SEO knowledge, can charge substantial amounts of money to get your SEO done. It doesn’t mean that the SEO performed will be a quality work.

Learning SEO instead will help you how internet search workings, what affects search engine algorithms, and how to identify what people are really looking for. If you have good SEO knowlegde, even if you don’t have time to handle it, you will be able to supervise whoever is taking care of this task.

List of the best SEO courses for beginners in 2016

Real World SEO: Essentials

Author:Ross Barefoot

Click here to check this course on Udemy

This course is ideal if you are a small business company which are not willing to hire third part company to handling SEO. This will save you a sizeable amount of money in any business you might start in the future. It is good if you are working in a marketing position, or if you need to hire marketing professionals, to access their SEO knowledge.

SEO Training Course: SEO to Rank #1 in Google

Author:Daragh Walsh

Click here to check this course on Udemy

This 3.5 hour course will cover all the aspects of SEO: within your website, and other strategies you can implement outside your site to improve your website rank. It will also cover a lot of different free resources that you can save time while improving SEO.

SEO For WordPress [Expert]: #1 Step-by-Step SEO Blueprint

Author:Kent Mauresmo

Click here to check this course on Udemy

What I like about this course is that it mixes the learning process of SEO with WordPress, which is the most popular CMS platform. The author has several books on SEO and WordPress, and also an SEO company in Beverly Hills. It is ideally if you have some notions of SEO and WordPress, but it is very well explained and will be certainly easy to pick up from the material provided.

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