Best Value Fastest Laptop Rank (by Review Score) 2016

In today’s list I tried to gather a list to determine the best value fastest laptop for the start of 2016.

To understand the concepts of this list to determine what would be the best value fastest laptop, I feel that it’s important to breakdown what are the main points of this list, how they were accessed and what were the mininum requirements for the products to be on this list:


Obviously on our best value FASTEST laptops, the speed matters A LOT. In fact, speed here matters more than anything else, but, it’s in fact a rather subjective topic, since a lot of different aspects influence your laptop’s speed:

– The processor your notebook has is the key factor to determine how fast it goes. All laptops listed here are powered by intel i7 processor. The number of cores is also a key factor for your laptop speed, and in this case most of the intel 7 processor are quad cores (have 4 cores). Althought it can happen that some Intel i7 come only with 2 cores, you can easily check this information by typing the name of the processor on google, which will most likely take you to a website with specifications which describe the number of cores. Click here for an example.

– RAM stands for random access memory, and it affects your laptop performance since ram can access data 10 times higher than the hard drive, but it focuses on accessing recently used data. Ram has a key role on determining the laptop speed and all laptops on this list have 12 GB of ram or above, which is enough for most activities like gaming, video editing, 3d rendering, running virtual machines or any other heavy program that you might need.

– The better your video card is, the faster your computer will run. That’s true for most cases but it applies specifically if you are working with software that require extremely high computing speed for real time processing of graphics. To put it short, that’s most useful if you work with games and with software oriented to the animation, engineering or architecture industries.

There are other less important values that determine your computer speed such as, the hard drive and ram clock speed, but since our laptops have been released in a similar date and at a similar price, there is not much difference involving these values to determine our best value fastest laptop for 2016.


The other important instance that helps us to determine the best laptops on this list is value. There are certainl a number of laptops that cost over $2,000 but, they are not THAT MUCH different than laptops under $1,500, so I set the value of $1,500 to be our ceiling while determine the best value fastest laptop.

Here is your list of best value fastest laptops for 2016:


Alienware ALW14-5314sLV 14-inch 1920×1080 Full HD Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 4700MQ Processor, 16.0 GB DDR3L, 1TB Hard Drive, 80GB mSATA SSD, 2GB GTX 765M Video card, DVD+/-RW, 802.11 AC 2×2, BlueTooth 4.0,Windows 8.1)

The design of this laptop is just amazing, and quite affordable price for what it offers. Alienware is extremely famous and successful building fast laptops oriented mostly to gaming audiences.Click here to read more and buy your Alienware ALW14-5314sLV


Eluktronics 15.6″ Premium Gaming Laptop PC (Intel Core i7-4720HQ Quad Core, Windows 10, 3GB 970M GTX GDDR5 Graphics, Full HD IPS Anti-Glare Display, 256GB Eluktro Pro Performance SSD, 16GB CL9 RAM)

This Elekutronics model also has a nice design and it’s a relatively new model, has a 3gb videocard which is fantastic for video processing. Click here to read more or buy your Eluktronics Premium Gaming Laptop PC on


Lenovo Y70 17.3″ Full HD High Performance Touchscreen Gaming Laptop – Intel Quad-Core i7-4720HQ Processor 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, 512G SSD, NVIDIA GTX 860M 4GB Graphics, Windows 8.1

An excellent laptop which a huge 17.3″ inch screen! It has the same processor as the Eluktronics model but more room for video processing with a 4gb video card. Click here to read more and buy your Lenovo Y70 from


MSI Computer G Series GE72 Apache Pro-001 17.3″ Laptop:

Intel Core i7-6700HQ, CPU Speed 2.6 GHz with Turbo Boost upto 3.5 Ghz.
16GB DDR4 memory 1 TB HDD 128 GB SSD.
1024 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive, 128 GB, M.2 SATA Solid-State Drive.
17.3 Inch Full HD eDP Non Reflection.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M Graphics, Windows 10 Home, Video Memory 3G GDDR5.

This beautiful laptop from MSI has a slightly more powerful processor than the others, but less video capacity than the Lenovo Y70. Click here to read more or buy your MSI Computer G Series GE72 Apache from .


2015 Newest Model HP Envy 15.6-inch i7-5500U 16GB RAM 1TB HDD Full HD Windows 8.1 Laptop Computer

This model is slightly slower than the other ones specially if you are into the newest games, but for daily use, multimedia, text and photo editing it is still a bullet, and even more, it is way cheaper than the other laptops on this list costing currently under 800 dollars. Click here to read more and buy your HP Envy laptop

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