BoldYield Review (Peer-to-Peer Lending)

BoldYield Review: let’s check out one of the most unique peer to peer lending websites in Europe and see whether it’s a good place to make your money work for you.

Are you interested in alternative investments? In our BoldYield review we will seek to understand why this peer to peer platform is one of the most interesting in the European P2P market.

boldyield review

BoldYield Review: What is BoldYield?

BoldYield is a new crowd-lending investment platform founded in April 2019. It was founded by the former Chief Development Officer at Grupeer, Edgars Mass. The company is registered in Estonia. Its head office is in Riga, Latvia.

Unlike other European peer-to-peer investment platforms, BoldYield brings a new perspective to the market. It’s based on the principle of investment in assets backed by physical guarantees such as real estate, land, or even ships. Its unique selling point is that it’s the first crowdlending platform offering maritime investments.

BoldYield doesn’t stop there. It also offers investments in real estate and business financing, giving investors wide opportunities for diversification, and in different countries. For example, one of the first real estate investment opportunities listed on the platform was a project in Norway.

To further solidify its position as an innovative financial services firm, brilliant executives lead the company, with a combined experience of more than 25 years in real estate, business finance, and maritime transportation.

The company at a Glance


  • Founded: April 2019
  • Headquarters: Riga, Latvia (registered in Estonia)
  • CEO/Founder: Edgars Mass
  • Dealflow: Over 150M EUR closed deals in property and maritime financing deals
  • Investments: Real estate, maritime transportation, business financing

Founding Insights

According to BoldYield’s website, a few insights drive the company’s investment agenda. For example, real estate and the maritime industry are two industries at the core of some of the greatest wealth in the world.

However, historically, it has been the preserve of the super-wealthy. It required the right connections, specialized knowledge, and access to huge capital reserves,

BoldYield aims to simplify and bring more real estate and maritime investments to the regular investor. This is given the observations that:

  • The wealthiest clients diversify into real estate and the maritime industry
  • Their income isn’t correlated to global stock market changes
  • Wealthy clients focus on passive cash flow through real estate and maritime investments.

BoldYield Values

A key set of values guides the BoldYield team in both private and business lives. These include:

Taking on new challenges, You have to be brave;

Helping someone stuck into trouble, You have to be fearless;

To achieve the set goal, You  have to be confident;

Making the right decisions, Your mind has to be bright;

To focus and hold the right course, Your borders have to be thick;

boldyield insights

How to Open an Account on BoldYield

Opening an account in BoldYield is standard like on other European platforms. It takes no more than a few minutes and consists of these steps:

  1. Fill in the investor registration form with your details like name, email, etc.
  2. Confirm email address by clicking the corresponding email in your inbox
  3. Submit proof of identity for verification (passport or Government issued ID)
  4. Make the first deposit of funds via bank transfer (SEPA)

Click here to open an account with BoldYield

How to Invest in BoldYield

Once you complete registration, you are now ready to start investing.

Deposit funds to your account through a bank transfer. Bold Yield works with the Latvian bank Baltic International Bank and with the Lithuanian Paysera. Once verified, they provide you with the bank details to carry out your first transfer.

BoldYield has a 100 EUR minimum investment per project.

Given the current low volume of projects on the platform, investors can only invest manually.

Head over to the INVEST tab on the platform to view and the investment opportunities on offer. Look through the details to determine if it’s a good fit.

Bold Yield offers a variety of project details including terms, interest frequency, collateral, and others like the market, budget breakdown, operations, etc. It also offers a tab listing possible exit opportunities.

Types of Investments Available at BoldYield

boldyield investments

Bold Yield offers diversified investment opportunities in three major areas. These are:

1) Maritime transportation

Shipping is the lifeblood of the modern global economy. It facilitates the movement of goods and services.

BoldYield offers asset-backed small and mid-sized shipping crowd-lending projects. The projects might include maritime transportation vessels in different classes and types such as dry bulk cargo vessels etc.

Bottom line, the shipping industry presents a good avenue for diversification.

2) Real Estate

BoldYield intends to focus mainly on residential properties at first. These are small, flexible, and modern projects in high-demand locations and for multi-families.

These investments offer investors attractive returns while providing developers with liquidity. With time, the company might introduce other real estate deals on the platform.

3) Business financing

Business financing offers short-term liquidity to small and mid-sized businesses while providing investors with portfolio diversification.

Currently, Bold Yield is yet to list any business financing deals on the platform.

BoldYield Auto Invest Tool

Currently, BoldYield does NOT yet have an Autoinvest tool. It’s still a young platform with a low volume of funded projects.

However, the leadership has confirmed plans to develop more features as the platform matures.

How Much Can You Earn on BoldYield?

Average yields on BoldYield range around 14% with expected returns of between 10 – 18% p.a.

Investor results may vary depending on investment capital, period, interest among other factors.

Who Can Invest In BoldYield?

Registration is open to European citizens. You must also be of legal age to start investing on the platform.

BoldYield Pros

  • High profitability compared to other P2P lending platforms
  • Availability of a variety of diversification avenues including maritime investments
  • All loans backed by real assets as collateral, including real estate, ships, etc
  • Solid management team with extensive experience spanning over 25 years in different sectors
  • Exhaustive project details on the platform for each listed investment

BoldYield Cons

  • A young platform still testing market fit
  • Low volume of investment deals currently
  • Lack of a secondary market

BoldYield Verdict

This BoldYield review has shown that it is still a fairly young platform. It doesn’t have a large volume of projects. However, it offers a new model of high profitability that stands out from other P2P crowdlending platforms. This is especially true for investors focused on real estate.

The company offers asset-backed investments instead of complicated buyback options. The platform also offers investment opportunities such as maritime assets. Furthermore, a team of experienced professionals in the industry leads the company.

BoldYield is a great platform for investors looking to diversify their portfolios in real estate, and the maritime industry.

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Are you already investing in BoldYield or in any other peer to peer lending platform? Leave your thoughts and questions about this BoldYield review below.

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