Buying the Cheapest Domain in Malaysia Report

Getting a .com domain is easy and fast for almost anyone. Today, this report will guide you on buying the cheapest domain in Malaysia.

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If you are into internet business and international geotargeting, you probably know that buying a a local ccTLD (country code top level domain) is the most recommended way to take on a business if want to focus on the audience of a specific country.

I’ve recently bought a Malaysian domain and I will explain how the process was on this post, the requirements to buy a Malaysian domain, and tips on how you can get the cheapest domain in Malaysia from the authorized sellers.

Requirements to buy a Malaysian domain

If you have a Malaysian registered company you can buy a domain without problems, if you want to by a .my domain, you don’t need a company, just be a Malaysian national or a resident there.

You can find the list of all authorized domain resellers at the MYNIC Berhad which is the Malaysian agency responsible for domain registrations, linked to the government.

In case you are not a Malaysian citizen and does not have a company registered in Malaysia, you still can get a domain in Malaysia by using some proxy service, when a company will register the domain on your behalf, as long as you pay for this service.

The Cheapest Domain in Malaysia

I got my from Domain Plus, and the main reason for me to choose this company is that they offer also domains in a number of countries in Asia like Singapore, Indonesia, etc., and mainly because they offer this proxy service, which I required. I have browsed around some other 2 or 3 options, but I have not found any offering the proxy service for the registrant, but mostly likely they are.

I paid for 1 year of domain registration + 1 year of the proxy service a total slightly above 100 MYR, or roughly 25$, which is quite nice considering that if you want to get a domain neighboring countries such as Singapore, just the registration itself is at least 40 dollars.

Procedure to buy a Domain in Malaysian

Once I bought the domain at Domain Plus, I got contacted by their support telling me that being a foreigner myself I would have to purchase the proxy service and this company would register the domain on their name and after I would be able to manage the domain, nameservers, etc.

I bought then the proxy service, and got another message from the support telling me to send a passport photo / scan and also a company contract if I had any, I sent my passport and also sent a print screen which contained my tax ID, and that was it, a few hours later I had my fully operating Malaysian domain.

If you get a domain you also need a hosting plan, which I recommend you to have just one, or not more than two, so you can manage all domains you have from the same hosting cpanel.

You can click here to read or buy a Bluehost hosting package, as they have a quite solid presence and also various plans for every budget.

That was it, on the next article I will tell you how to register a domain in another exotic country.

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