Value Nomad

September 29, 2020



This post features the best budget mini PCs in the UK, also explaining the concepts behind them and why you should get one

Mini PCs are gaining ground in the UK, as they are reliable, light, cheap and can be used as a complement for your TV or also a desktop PC depending on...


To kick off the new subdivisions of Value Nomad, let's take a look at the numbers of Ecommerce in Malaysia and Singapore

Let's take a lot of the ecommerce in Malaysia and Singapore market figures, and why this region is some of the most attractive ones for online retailers...

victoria falls zimbabwe

Africa is probably the continent with the biggest opportunities in internet business and development at the moment, this post will analyse the current trends of internet speed in the African continent.

This article will bring an in depth analysis of the internet speed in...

wind turbine

This post is dedicated to analyze the trends of electricity production using renewable sources of energy among European countries.

Everyday, we constantly hear and read about how important renewable sources of energy are and how we should do our best to use them. Even if...

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