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September 30, 2020

Prices Worldwide


To kick off the new subdivisions of Value Nomad, let's take a look at the numbers of Ecommerce in Malaysia and Singapore

Let's take a lot of the ecommerce in Malaysia and Singapore market figures, and why this region is some of the most attractive ones for online retailers...


Getting a .com domain is easy and fast for almost anyone. Today, this report will guide you on buying the cheapest domain in Malaysia.

If you are into internet business and international geotargeting, you probably know that buying a a local ccTLD (country code top level...

croatia sea

Do you feel often angry or disappointed with your download speeds? Find out if you are taking it for granted in this report featuring the countries with the slowest internet connection in Europe

Most reports or news about internet speed tend to focus in which companies or...

tram riga latvia

To determine the real cost of transport in European capitals one should draw a parallel between the price of a single public transport ticket in 15 European capitals (except Zurich) and theĀ average salaries in each one of these cities.

Around one year ago I came to know...

toyota corolla 2015

In today's article I've researched the Toyota Corolla price around the world, to find some surprising results, of how cheap or expensive it can be to own one, depending where you live.

Since Toyota started it's production in 1966, the Corolla sold over 40 million unities...

Here's a list of Samsung S6 Price in Different Countries
Six months ago Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S6 to the public worldwide, the main competitor for the Iphone 6 and a guaranteed presence in the wishlist of gadget lovers from all over the world. I've decided to shop...

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