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June 2, 2020

Product Reviews

bondster review

Bondster review: Let's take a closer look at an exciting peer to peer lending platform currently available in Europe.
Are you looking for a reliable peer to peer platform to start investing in? In this Bondster review, we look at a platform that opened a few years ago and is...

amd ryzen 7 laptop review

What makes AMD Ryzen 7 laptops so unique? Why are they some of the best work-at-home laptops on the market today?
This post for the Best AMD Ryzen 7 laptops reviews and analyzes some of the top Ryzen 7 laptops looking at performance, durability, reliability, style, and...

dofinance review

"we have made a decision to stop accepting new investments. This decision stems from uncertainty in lending markets where we operate – we are closely monitoring loan portfolio quality and...

i5 1035g1 review

This post analyzes and reviews some of the best Core i5-1035-G1 laptops on the market today. It explores the advantages, disadvantages, performance, durability, and reliability of these devices.
Intel's Core-i5 1035-G1 laptops processor gives your laptop the extra performance...


This post explores some of the best and cheapest laptops to run AutoCAD. We’ve given performance a priority, with the reviewed laptops coming from leading manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Asus, and Acer.
If you're looking for a laptop to run AutoCAD, you're in the right place...

real estate crowdfunding

Best real estate crowdfunding sites in Europe: if you want to invest in p2p lending in the real estate market, this post will guide you through some of the best options in the European market
The crowdfunding and the peer-to-peer economy is booming online. Nowadays, it is...

nibble finance review

Nibble Finance Review: A brand new, Russian based platform trying to disrupt the investment scene in emerging markets. Let's analyze the platform and see if it's as exciting as it seems.
In this Nibble Finance review we dive deep into the platform and its functions. Be sure to...

grupeer review

"Regretfully, we are forced to inform you that in the current circumstances it is not possible for us to continue operations as before with an objective cause out of our control. Therefore, we...

debitum network small business

What is Debitum Network?
Debitum Network is a peer-to-business lending platform. It specializes in small and medium-size business financing.

SME's(small and medium sized enterprises), it's said, form the backbone of many economies. Debitum aims to tap into that...

amd ryzen 5 3500u

This post analyzes and reviews some of the best AMD Ryzen 5 3500u laptops, including the advantages of owning and using them. Performance, durability, and reliability are at the core in the design of these devices.
Are you looking for an affordable, high-performance laptop...

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