Is Chuwi Good? Tablet and Laptop Brand Review

Is Chuwi good? This guide will explain all the details regarding this tablet and laptop brand, with useful information for users considering buying a product from Chuwi

Are you considering to buy a tablet or laptop? Is Chuwi good, considering it is still a relatively unknown brand? Let’s find the answers and discover more about this growing Asian brand.

About the Brand Chuwi

If you are looking for an affordable laptop or tablet you have probably notice the brand Chuwi with pretty good prices. This relatively new brand is taking European and North American by surprise. The prices are indeed very attractive, but how good is the hardware?

Firstly, let’s analyze briefly the brand and its history. It is a brand hailing from China, most specifically the Guangdong area. With its headquarters in Shenzhen, Chuwi is able to have access to the biggest electronics manufacturing infrastructure in the world. This certainly makes the difference not only for Chuwi, but for other brands like Huawei and Xiaomi.

The company itself was founded in 2004, and it started manufacturing simpler products. Their first line included MP3 players, which were popular at the time.

With the growing demand for their electronics, Chuwi quickly expanded, both in terms of variety and units sold.

But Is Chuwi Good? How to Measure The Brands’ Quality?

There are a few ways to manage a company’s quality, and I will focus in two that I consider the most important. One is the choice of hardware components, and the second is its support. Let’s analyze each of these aspects individually.

Chuwi Support

Many Chinese electronic brands make a huge mistake when it comes to support. They just manufacture their products, find some distributors and have zero worries about after sales support. The result? Angry and frustrated customers putting the brands’ reputation down through all possible channels.

However, that is not the case of Chuwi, which does have a good support indeed. In fact, I would call Chuwi’s support above the average not only among Chinese brands, but among all types of Brands.
is chuwi good

On its homepage, you are provided with a comprehensive support system with several features. The most popular one is probably is ticket system, but technically, you can also contact them through their live chat (which redirects to their twitter page).

I would recommend the ticket system though, as odds of reaching a person that knows the solution for your issue is higher.

However, so far, that is nothing impressive about any reputable tablet or laptop brand. What is really impressive about Chuwi is that they have a support forum.

The great thing about the support forum is that you have far better chances of solving your problem quickly. Firstly you can browse other topics and possibly find the answer there. Secondly, when you a post a thread you may be helped not only by Chuwi staff but also by other forum users. They really scored a lot of reputation points with this system.

Chuwi Hardware

The second point that we will analyze about Chuwi is perhaps the most important, its hardware components. Firstly, what we need to know is that laptop and tablet brands are much more focused in assembling parts than manufacturing them.

Even big brands like Dell or Lenovo do not manufacture processors, and this is the most important hardware component in any laptop or tablet.

The good news is that Chuwi has some pretty high standards for choosing their component providers. The processors and modules used in their products are the same chosen for other well known electronics brands.

Recommended Chuwi Products

CHUWI Hi10 X,10.1inch Tablet PC,Windows10 Intel N4100,Quad Core 6GB RAM 128GB ROM,1920X1200 IPS Screen,Type-C,BT5.0,WiFi,2 in 1 Tablet (2020 Version)

CHUWI UBook Pro Tablet,12.3 Inch Windows 10 Tablet PC,Intel Gemini-Lake N4100 Quad Core Processor 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Tablets,Dual Band WiFi,BT 5.0, 2USB 3.0, Supports 4096 Pressure Levels Stylus

CHUWI AeroBook Laptop Computer, 13.3 Inch 1080P Bezel-Less IPS Screen, Intel Core M3 Processor, 8G / 256G SSD Fanless Windows Notebook with Type-c PD Charging, Lighter and Thinner

Before Buying a Chuwi Laptop or Tablet

Now that we have an overall idea about whether Chuwi is a good brand or not, we can focus on model specifications. Regardless if you are choosing a laptop or tablet, there are a few things to consider.

The first point is whether you will use your device plugged in often or not. Battery is a critical aspect for both laptops and tablets. For that reason, it is highly recommendable checking the mAh battery capacity before buying.

The second important aspect in this situation is the storage capacity. Most Chuwi releases in 2017 and 2018 have a ROM storage, which is usually 64 GB for many of Chuwi’s product range. If you using your laptop or tablet connected to the internet, this is not a problem as you can rely on the cloud to store most of your data.

is chuwi good

If you have plans to use these laptops mostly offline, or work with extremely large files, the ROM memory might not be enough in some cases. If this your case, I recommend buying a USB flash memory. There are many options, and some USB flash drives have a great storage capacity.

Is Chuwi Good? Verdict

Considering the information analyzed above, we can definitely conclude that Chuwi is indeed a good tablet and laptop brand. However it is important to analyze the purpose of your purchase and what do you expect from the brand.

That is especially the case if you are considering buying a Chuwi laptop. These laptops have overall great reviews online, and they are a great option if you need a thin laptop for basic tasks on Windows 10. However, if you consider buying a laptop for complex tasks, I would discourage you from buying a Chuwi. In this case, you may want to check this post.

Have you bought a Chuwi product? Is it a good in your opinion? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

1 thought on “Is Chuwi Good? Tablet and Laptop Brand Review”

  1. I bought a Chuwi Hi13
    I had to send it twice to China because of burnt chips ! The second time they did not answer until I gave them a bad advice on the site I had bought the tablet… Now the tablet went to China where it strangely disappeared (tracked until after the customs)…
    I would never advise anyone to buy something from Chuwi and I will never do it again.


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