Cubi 2 (Cubi2-006BUS) Barebone Mini PC Review

Today the Cubi 2 (Cubi2-006BUS) is the subject of our review, and a great choice if you want to buy a silent barebone mini PC


Cubi 2 (Cubi2-006BUS): Overview

The Cubi 2 is a mini PC manufactured by the Taiwanese company MSI. The company is well known for its gaming motherboards and its gaming laptops are often reviewed on Value Nomad. The Cubi 2 (Cubi2-006BUS) is the first barebone mini PC by MSI reviewed here, and might be a good choice depending on your needs.

A barebone mini PC is a great device if you want the flexibility to customize the device according to your needs. It comes without RAM and a solid state drive, meaning that you will need to add them after you purchase your Cubi 2. This allows the user to buy the optimal hardware for his requirements, may it be gaming, work or entertainment.

The Cubi 2 hardware, is one of the most attracting factors of this mini PC. The Cubi2-006BUS has an i5-7200U processor, part of the latest generation of Intel chips named Kaby Lake. The i5-7200U is a dual core processor with a pretty decent benchmark.

The Cubi2-006BUS uses the DDR4 RAM technology (2133 MHz, up to 32 GB), which is pretty fast. As mentioned above, you will have to buy the RAM yourself separately.

Cubi2-006BUS: Pros

The Cubi 2 provides high flexibility for users looking for a fast barebone mini PC. It also has pretty neat design with a high connectivity, including the USB 3.1 Type-C technology.

As a barebone mini PC, it is one of the most affordable computers available featuring a Kaby Lake processor.


The cons of buying a barebone PC is that you will need some technical knowledge to add a solid state drive, RAM, and install an operating system. However, this is not a complicated tasks and there are many video tutorials available on YouTube.

Cubi 2 Intel Kaby Lake Core i5-7200U DDR4 mSATA HDMI Wifi Bluetooth SFF Barebone PC (Cubi2-006BUS)


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Processor Intel Core i5-7200U
RAM DDR4 2133 MHz (up to 32 GB)

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