Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS Inspiron Laptop Review

Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS Inspiron laptop review: let’s analyze one of the best value for money laptop available in 2018

If you are looking for an all-round laptop with a great hardware and excellent while multi-tasking, look no further. The Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS analyzed in this review is one of the best bets among business laptops in 2018.

Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS Inspiron: A perfect All-round Laptop

The Inspiron series is one of the most diverse in the global laptop markets, and is extremely sucessful. Most of the Inspiron models, like the Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS are mid range laptops with a modern hardware and well balanced price.

In fact, the Inspiron in this review turns out to be one of the best value for money laptops currently available. Its main highlight is definitely its all new Kaby Lake R processor, but overall if has a very reliable hardware setup and a nice design.

Let’s check its quick specs and then analyze each one of its main characteristics in this review below:

Quick Specs

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Processor Intel Core i7-8550U
Display 15.6 inches Full HD
Storage 1 TB HDD

Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS: Design and Display

Let’s start from its exterior, as its always the first impression that catches your eye when choosing  a new laptop. Like most Inspiron laptops, the design is pretty simple, with a very business like chassis. In fact, it looks and feels like a premium product, with a design that ressembles those of latest MacBooks and some ASUS ZenBooks.

Like most mid to high-end compact laptops, it also has a thin bezel. It is nice to see this trend coming to the Dell Inspiron series, bringing thinner bezels to more affordable laptops.

Its 15.6 inch display is the standard among mid to high-end laptops. It has Full HD resolution which I consider a must if you like to watch your favorite movies and series on a laptop.

Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS: CPU and GPU

The main highlight of this laptop is certainly its processor. The all new Core i7-8550U is part of the 8th generation of Intel chips, bringing even higher benchmark levels to the Inspiron series.

The i7-8550u is a quad-core processor, and it is not only fast, but very energy efficient. Considering it is a quad core wth hyper-threading, it has a low energy consumption, resulting in a longer battery life. If you want to read more about this processor you can check our post on the best i7-8550u laptops.

This Dell also has a dedicated video card, which can be very useful for some users. The NVIDIA GeForce 940MX is an entry level dedicated video card from the GeForce 900 series, and it is a good option if you are an occasional gamer or work with software like AutoCAD.

Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS: RAM and Storage

Now let’s analyze the RAM and storage specs for this Dell Inspiron. It comes with 8 GB DDR4 RAM, which is the norm for similarly priced laptops. You can add more RAM, up to 32 GB according to the manufacturer.

dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS inspiron laptop review

It’s storage is handled by a 1 TB HDD running at 5400 rpm with 8 GB cache. It is more than enough for most type of users but certainly an SSD drive would be more welcome.

Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS: Connectivity

The connectivity of this Dell Inspiron is definitely one of its highlights. The fact that it comes with an Ethernet port is definitely a plus, as they are becoming less and less popular nowadays. Other than that it has a very good USB connectivity (4 USB ports in total) and one of them is a USB 3.1 Type-C. Other than that you will find an standard HDMI port and a SD card slot. Finally it offers 802.11ac and Bluetooth.


  • Fast quad-core processor
  • Thin 17 laptop
  • Plenty of storage


  • GPU could be faster
  • Relative low battery autonomy (but normal for a 17 inch laptop)


The overall impression from the Dell i7570-7817SLV-PUS Inspiron is quite positive, especially if you are looking for a mid-range business laptops. It behaves extremely well on Windows 10 even if you work with various apps and software simultaneously.

If you are considering to get one of these, you might also check some models with similar hardware setup and dimensions. Some I can recommend are the Acer Swift 3 and some ASUS mid-range models like this one.

Other than that, you can also check our best i7-8550U laptops. The processor in this laptop is certainly one of its highlights, so its definitely worth checking other models powered by the same CPU.

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