Digital Nomad in Taiwan

Do you want to be a digital nomad in Taiwan? This post will explain the advantages and disadvantages of working remotely from this tiny Asian nation

digital nomad in taiwan
Taipei Memorial

Taiwan is one of the best places to be a digital nomad in Asia. It is safe, it has a pleasant climate and a relatively relaxed visa policy for most western visitors. It is also relatively affordable, with the only exception being Taipei, where the accommodation costs are quite high.

Digital Nomad in Taiwan: Overview

Before going to Taiwan I had mixed reviews about the country. Some people said it was a mix of Japan and China, while others claimed it was quite boring. It is certainly not boring, but it is definitely more similar to China then Japan. The main advantage compared to China is the visa policy (and you also can access Google).

If you are into tech, you probably know that big brands like Acer, ASUS and HTC are from Taiwan. The country’s economy is thriving, and the standards of living rose massively in the past two or three decades.

Cost of Travel in Taiwan

The cost of travel in Taiwan can be basically separated in two categories: Taipei and everywhere else.

Taipei is a big city and where the most jobs are, therefore, its accommodation costs are similar to those of the US or Western Europe. However food is much cheaper, available at all times, and almost always delicious and healthy.

Outside Taipei prices drop significantly, and you can easily find a room for $20 a day. You will not need a kitchen, since awesome food is available at every corner. You can also eat at night markets, and in fact, many properties for rent in Taiwan do not even have a kitchen.

Taiwanese people are extremely friendly and polite. The level of corruption in the country is very low, and you will get a great treatment if you are a western foreigner. The nightlife is not the best, but beer is relatively affordable, and much cheaper compared to Japan.

Internet is widely available and pretty fast. However, if you need a sim card you should probably get one in Taipei airport, or have someone who speaks Chinese to help you buying and activating it.

Taiwan Visa Policy

The Taiwanese visa policy is much more relaxed than the current one in mainland China. If you have a western passport (US, EU, Canada, Australia) you can stay in the country for 90 days without a visa.

For longer stays, you can apply for a language course, if you are interested in learning Chinese. Some people also claim it is relatively easy to become a resident in Taiwan if you a branch representative of a foreign company (which can be your company). This is ideal for digital nomads willing to stay in Taiwan for longer. More information on visas can be found at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of China (Taiwan).

If you are thinking about becoming a digital nomad in Taiwan, you should definitely give it a try. Otherwise you can also try to become a digital nomad in Ukraine, which is another hidden gem for digital nomads.

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