Ekassa Review (Peer to Peer Investing)

Ekassa Review: A closer into one of the newer and easy to use peer-to-peer lending platforms with competitive rates.

If you are looking for a platform where you can set up your portfolio in a few clicks and start earning decent returns, your search may have ended. In this Ekassa review, we examine the platform to help you make the best decision. Read on!

Ekassa Review

Ekassa Overview

Peer to peer lending has grown constantly in popularity over the last decade thanks to technology advancement and people shifting from the traditional financial institutions. For many, peer to peer lending offers great convenience by eliminating the long processes required by banks. For investors, peer to peer lending offers an opportunity to earn attractive interests, more than what other financial institutions offer for the same period.

Ekassa is an online investment platform that offers different types of peer-to-peer consumer loans. The platform was launched in May 2018 although its parent group has been in operation since 2012. It is registered in Tallinn, Estonia. The company has managed to amass over 1000 + investors as of 2019.

The company issues consumer loans in Poland and is already looking to expand into other countries in the EU. The platform’s loan originators include ProstyKredyt Sp, PayDayLend Sp and Ekassa Sp. The platform promises up to 13% interest per year, with 7% to 7.4% return guaranteed in their less risky Guaranteed package and 9% to 13% in the Profitable package. Both products offer 100% buyback guarantee.

Opening an Account on Ekassa

The platform has one of the simplest registration processes. You are required to have a working email and identification documents.

The first step requires you to enter your email address, name and country of residence. The platform sends a confirmation email immediately with a link to confirm your account. The second step is uploading your identification documents (ID or passport) in either .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf or .png file format. A single file size should not exceed 5 MB and the maximum total is 20 MB.

The last step is adding funds to your account. The whole registration process is simple and should not take more than 5 minutes.

The identity verification process takes less than 24 hours after which you are ready to start investing.

How to invest in Ekassa

After you have completed the registration process, you can add funds into your account from your bank account using SEPA transfers. The platform currently accepts EUR and PLN currencies only.

You can start investing by selecting ‘Invest’ button on the top menu. This leads you to the auto invest feature. Here you set the amount and duration of the loans then the package that provides the best interest for you. You can also select loans manually from the marketplace. You can invest any amount from the minimum of 10 EUR or 50 PLN to 2500 EUR or 10,000 PLN.

If you wish to cancel your investment, you can do so free of any charges within the first 24 hours. You can also choose to withdraw your investment before the term ends, you can withdraw the full amount or part of the investment. However, this will attract a fee of 1% of the returned amount.

Types of investments in Ekassa

The platform deals in consumer p2p loans categorized into two packages:


– This is the best option for those who want to invest with minimal risk. The package offers a guaranteed 7% to 7.4% return and 100% buyback in 60 days.


– This option also has 100% buyback in 60 days but the return is not covered. This package offers returns of 9% to 13% per year.

Ekassa Auto Invest Tool

Unlike other platforms, there is no need to configure the auto invest tool as the packages are already set. All you have to do is select the amount, duration and the package and you are good to go. It is also possible to select loans manually.

How much can you earn on Ekassa

Depending on the package you select, you can earn between 7% to 13% return per year. These are competitive rates and in line with other major peer-to-peer lending platforms. In case of delinquency, you will get back the initial investment in the profitable package, the return is covered in the guaranteed package.

The platform does not present any service fees, although you should be aware of any charges by the bank or money transfer service. It also does not withhold taxes on the interest earned on the platform. The profits earned are gross and you should declare them according to your country’s law.

Who can invest in Ekassa?

The platform is only open to EU residents currently. The investor must be eighteen years old and above with an EU bank account. There is no option for legal entities to invest on the platform yet.

Ekassa Pros

  • Competitive rates for both packages
  • No investment fees

Ekassa Cons

  • High early exit fees

Ekassa Verdict

The platform is straightforward very easy to use, which makes it attractive for investors looking to set up their portfolios in a few clicks, this ease of use also makes it a more suitable option for less experienced and new investors. The platform also offers competitive rates and is easy to diversify your portfolio on the platform.

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