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May 22, 2019

Envestio Review (Peer to Peer Lending)

Envestio review: this post will guide you through one of the most interesting peer to peer lending platform currently available in Europe

Are you looking for a new platform to invest in peer to peer lending and projects? In this Envestio review we will analyze why this company might be a great option for beginners in peer to peer platforms, or for those who are willing to diversify their portfolio of investments.

envestio review

Envestio Review: What is Envestio?

If you have heard about Envestio, you may probably know what is peer to peer lending and peer to peer investing. While in peer to peer you usually accrue interest for loans, which can be of any sort, in Envestio they are usually interesting business opportunities. Envestio falls more into the category of “crowd investing“, where users invest in different projects online to kick start them.

Envestio, like many other young fintech companies, is based in Latvia, one of the most innovative countries when it comes to investing platforms online. However, the investments available in Envestio may not necessarily be in Latvia. Like it happens with most crowd investing platforms, the projects to invest may be in different countries.

Let’s learn more below in our Envestio review about what the platform has to offer and how to invest using it.

Opening an Account on Envestio

The first step to get to know Envestio better is opening an account on the platform. Opening and maintaining an account in Envestio is free and you do not need to invest right away in the platform. But, I suggest you to do so in order to understand how the platform works and study the projects which are available to invest in. All it takes is one email address to open an account on Envestio.

Click here to visit Envestio

How to Invest in Envestio

Like most peer to peer lending and crowd funding platforms, starting to invest on Envestio is a simple procedure. All it takes is an email and you will open your account right away.

You need to open an account and then you can deposit money into Envestio. The only way to deposit money as of 2018 is by bank transfer. You will need to verify your identify to withdraw funds from Envestio.

Types of Investment Available at Envestio

This is certainly one of the highlights of Envestio. The types of investment available at Envestio are rather diversified, and quite unique if you compared to other peer to peer investing platforms.

As of 2018, Envestio had an interesting selection of types of investment, ranging from real estate to energy sector to crypto mining, and others. Each project has a page explaining the details of the business model and why it needs that specific amount of funding. Click here for to see a page from one of the investments available.

envestio review investments

How Much Can you Earn on Envestio?

Envestio offers interest rates above the average when compared to other peer to peer investing/lending platforms. By the time this article was published, the annual average interest rate from projects in Envestio was of 19.75%.

If we analyze projects individually, interest rates from 12% to 22% is what you will find among the investments available at Envestio.

Who can Invest on Envestio?

Envestio is opened to investors from virtually all countries. That is a great advantages compared to some other European peer to peer funding platforms that require users to have a bank account in Europe

Envestio Pros

  • Above the average earning for crowd investing platforms.
  • Diversified projects to invest.
  • Open to investors worldwide.

Envestio Cons

  • Relatively low number of projects.
  • No Auto Invest tool as of 2018.

Envestio Review: Verdict

Envestio is definitely a good option if you want to diversify your portfolio of online investments. The biggest highlight of Envestio in my opinion is that they bring different types of investments that one does not usually find in most peer to peer lending or crowd investing platforms.

The user interface is pretty intuitive and my communication so far with the Envestio staff has been great. The only downside of the platform in my opinion is that there aren’t many projects available. I hope Envestio can diversify its options and attract more interesting projects for users to invest in the near future.

Other Crowd Investing Resources

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Are you already investing in Envestio or in any other peer to peer lending platform? Leave your thoughts and questions about this Envestio review below.

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