Fixura Review (Peer to Peer Lending)

Fixura review: this post takes a closer look at the oldest and the largest peer to peer lending platform in the Nordic countries and its functionalities.

Are you looking for a p2p platform that is tailor made to suit your various needs? In this Fixura review we look to explain why this platform is still the go-to website for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and why it may be the best for you, or not.

fixura review peer to peer lending

Fixura Overview

Since the first peer to peer lending platform in the world was launched in 2005 peer to peer lending has grown steadily over the years and has become the newest source of fixed income for investors looking for less volatile investments. These platforms use the current information technology and big data to connect investors to borrowers faster and cheaper than conventional banks.

Fixura was launched in Vaasa, Finland in 2010 and it is the oldest peer to peer lending platform in the Nordics. As of 2018, Fixura has mediated loans amounting to more than 95 million euros with an average annual rate of return of 8.3% after fees and credit losses from 2010 to 2017. The platform has more than 80,000 registered users and is steadily growing. The platform is open to lenders from 130 countries in the world and borrowers in Finland.

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Opening an Account on Fixura

The first to investing in Fixura is to open an account on their platform. All you need is an email account and a working phone number. After providing the communication skills, you will need to provide additional personal information such as monthly income. Fixura also requires investment estimation data from its investors. This may include  size of your investment, the frequency, your investment experience, and your risk appetite. It is free to open an account and the process takes about 5 minutes.

How to Invest in Fixura

Fixura investment accounts are approved fairly fast after which you can deposit money to your investment account. The minimum investment is 1000 EUR that is then invested in different loans. After depositing money, you activate the automatic investment feature to choose your investment conditions. You can either reinvest or withdraw the return and interest you receive from the investment.

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It is easy to start investing in Fixura as the system invests according to the conditions you set. You only need to decide the amount and investment time. Therefore, you don’t need to follow up on your investments actively. You also get compound interest if you choose to reinvest the interest on new loans.

Types of Investments Available at Fixura

The platform only deals with peer to peer loans. The borrowers on the platform use it for simple to obtain, reliable and affordable loans. Both the borrower and the investor set the conditions such as interest rates, amount and the return period. The platform’s automatic investment function diversifies and allocates the investments into different loans.

Fixura Auto Invest Tool

An auto invest tool is an essential tool in p2p investing; it basically invests the available funds based on the conditions set by the investor to achieve the desired results. The Fixura auto invest tool spreads the risk as much as possible in such a way that the maximum amount on a single investment depends on the conditions you set. This way, if a single borrower makes a late payment the total return of the investment is not affected significantly.

You can choose the period of the loan, the lowest interest rate allowed for each risk class and the percentage of your funds that can be invested in every risk class. The Fixura auto invest tools reinvest the money into loans that match the conditions the investor sets. You are to change your Auto Invest Tool settings at any time.

How Much Can you Earn on Fixura?

The average rate of return on the platform from 2010 to 2017 has been 8.3%. The return is steady and has a moderate risk as the products aren’t dependent on interest rate fluctuations or stock prices. How much you can earn on the platform depends on the investments you choose to invest in and the risk class.

You should also consider the bank transfer charges and Fixura charges while investing. The Fixura charges include a subscription fee of 2% for investments below 50,000 EUR, 1.5% for investments above 50,000 EUR but below 100,000 EUR, 1% for investments above 100,000 EUR and 0.5% for investments above 500,000 EUR. Once you deposit, the fee is automatically charged.

The platform also charges a transaction fee of 0.9% on and a withdrawal fee of 4 EUR.

Who can Invest in Fixura?

All Investors must be above 18 years EU citizens, and they should have a bank account within SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). SEPA consists of the 28 European Union member states and 4 member states of the European Free Trade Association.

Fixura Pros

  • Investors (lenders) get steady cash flow and compound interest if they reinvest the interest.
  • Good return at reasonable risk.
  • Their product is independent of stock prices and interest rates fluctuations.

Fixura Cons

  • The company charges for both depositing (up to 2%) and withdrawing (4EUR) the money and transaction fees for the actual investment (0.9%).

Fixura Verdict

The company has stood the test of time having been in business for more than 7 years, the return on investment is fair compared to the risk. Fixura has a great user interface, and the customer service is very prompt. However, the charges are excessive, and investment takes time despite the recommended settings on the auto invest tool.

The overall verdict of this Fixura review is positive, although the income of Fixura p2p is not amongst the highest in Europe.

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Are you already investing in Fixura or in any other peer to peer lending platform? Leave your thoughts and questions about this Fixura review below.

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