How to Get Royalty Free Music for Game Developers

In this post we will learn why and how to get royalty free music for game developers, helping projects to lower their cost of production


If you are a game developer and you are trying to minimize your project costs, this post is for you.

Game Development and Background Music

Game developers, especially those focused on the Apple Store and Google Play know how difficult it is to stand out among millions of games. There are two big constraints that limit developers on the number of games they can release in a year: time and money.

If you are an independent game developer working solo, you know how complicated it can be to manage all the tasks involved in a game project. The main part is coding, generally managed entirely by the independent developer. But there are other tasks which are also time (and money) consuming. One of them is getting background music for your menus and game levels.

Some developers have also some music knowledge, and are able to put up some music together using software like Fruity Loops or Logic. However most of them have to hire someone to organize all the music and sound FX.

Royalty Free Music for Game Development: Why You Should Use it?

A great option to minimize costs and save time is to get royalty free music for game developers. This solves a number of problems, which involve the key limited resources for an indie developer:

Time: if you hire a musician to compose music for your game, it will take time to get it done. The composer will create all the background sounds for your game, then you will evaluate it. Odds are you will want or need at least one revision, more time, and eventually money.

Money: hiring a music to create music for your game exclusively will be expensive, at least if the musician is good and experienced. Royalty free music is cheaper, and quite often, free.

But, What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music are sound tracks in which the composer sells, or provide a free license to use. There are websites like Background Sounds which provide free and paid royalty free music, for you to use it in your game projects. You can also use it in any of your projects, depending on the licenses.

You can listen to track previews and buy the ones you please. If they are free and the license allows, you can just download and use them. For the free ones, normally licenses require accreditation, so I recommend you to read more about Creative Commons licenses, if you want to choose this path.

This way you will save time and money for your game projects. In most cases, you can pay and download the music automatically. Royalty free music can speed up your game projects conclusion, giving you more time to focus on the game development.

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