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  1. Well researched article. Are you here in Montenegro? We just moved here this year, arrived Oct 2016. We are in a small town near Herceg Novi, on Kotor Bay. It is a nice place during the winter. Quiet, mild temperatures compared to where we are from. Cost of living information article is very close to what we found. You can definitely rent for 250 euros, but quality will vary. Just have to take your time to look around.

    On mobile internet, Telenor offers their existing prepaid customers add ons which don’t appear on the public website. I got 10Gigs for 4.25 euros. I think it is a way to get you to buy more if you burn through your first data package early 🙂 I burned through 1Gig in 15 days, so I am guessing that is why I got the offer of 10Gigs cheaper. The addon 10 Gigs is good for 1 month, so I am happy with that.

    We opened a company to get residency and it went fairly smoothly. If someone wants a recommendation to a reliable accounting/legal service, feel free to contact us. The folks we used were are great.

    Great article…

    Ed in Kotor Bay

    • Hi Ed. Thanks for your comments. I have read numerous articles about obtaining residency using the company route. It is good to compare that online info against your first hand experience. I am interested to know more about the actual process you stepped through. Can you point to a specific website that lists the steps exactly as you followed yourselves? Also, I would appreciate your recommendation for the accounting / legal service. My email address is ronandsusan2@yahoo.com – thanks for your post and this helpful article from valueNomad!

    • Ed,
      Next year I am planning to retire early (I’ll be 41) with an estimated retirement income of roughly $5500USD (depending on market forces) I know that this money will go a long way.

      I remember spending summers over there when I was a kid and I spent few summers over there vacationing with my wife and kids. My kids speak limited Serbian (to my dismay) but my wife doesn’t speak any Serbian. How do you get on without speaking Serbian? Did you run into problems getting permanent residency? Me and my family have American citizenship and don’t plan on trying to obtain citizenship of Montenegro. Are you taxed on your retirement income? I’d hate to be double-taxed and feel I already pay enough here in the States. Do you have to start a business in order to get residency? I’d rather not due to complicated tax system here in the USA. How does property ownership work without/with residency? Are property taxes higher for non-residents?

      Can you recommend any law-firms in the area that specialize in answering these questions.

    • Hi Ed

      Thank you for the valuable information. My son and I am planning to go the same route opening a business for him and I will be buying property…..or can he employ me? I will appreciate if you can assist with the accountants that you made use of to assist us with the process.

      Kind regards

    • Dear Ed, My partner and I are looking into retiring to Montenegro so would appreciate the name of the accounting/legal parties you used. Many thanks

  2. Thanks for blogging on this subject … we are Americans who lived in Germany for 4 years working as civilians for the US government. We almost moved to Montenegro when my wife’s job ended in Germany based on our research then. You are much more up to date on your information than we are now so where would you recommend we consider. We like many dining options and good travel connections for air, rail, and cruising. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  3. Hi Ed, From what I’m reading and seeing online, Montenegro has it all over the usual expat retiree choices. I refer to Panama and Latin America in general. Can I buy a residence in one of the smaller towns outside the capital, yet close to the Adriatic with $5000.00 USD. Are mortgages available, and would this be cheaper than renting? I wouldn’t mind renting an apartment if buying is out of the question. Do apartment buildings usually have on-premises laundry and fully equipped kitchens? I mean with all the usual appliances. Is Social Security taxed? I am seeing online that out of pocket costs for Dr. visits is very reasonable, but I would keep an open return ticket for major medical issues. I wouldn’t mind a four season area, but I love boats and water. I should be able to fly in about Jan.-Feb. 2019. Any info is mucho appreciated!


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