How to Stay in Southeast Asia: Cambodia

This post is for digital nomads and other adventurers willing to discover how to stay in South Easia Asia for a longer period of time, while staying on budget and avoiding stress

Phnom Penh Cambodia by Mariuz Kluzniak

The appeal of South East Asia is intense and relentless: good weather and beautiful ature, a relatively open society, excellent cuisine and low prices. These factors have made Bangkok beat cities like Paris and New York to become the most visited city in the world.

Many people who do visit Southeast Asia become quite depressed when coming back to their home countries, gray weather, and mostly that excruciating routine of the rat. The thoughts of staying in Southeast Asia is alluring, hopeful and motivating, but the bureaucracy levels are not very enticing.

While Thailand and Vietnam have rather strict rules for foreigners, things are still way easier in Cambodia, where you can move fairly easily, with a low investment and travel in and out of Cambodia as many times as you please, as long as you get the paper work done.

Cambodia Business Visa

The cheapest and easiest way to stay in Southeast Asia is getting a Cambodia business visa. It used to be called in fact “business visa” but now it is referred as “ordinary visa”. The advantage of this visa is that it can be renewed indefinitely and you don’t have to rely on any sort of sponsorship from a Cambodian national or company, granting total freedom that is especially appealing if you are a digital nomad or have some sort of passive income.

Another huge advantage of getting a Cambodian visa is the level of commitment involved to arrange it. While other Southeast Asian countries would require opening a company, getting a job, getting married or making a sizeable investment in the target country economy, you can get your Cambodia visa on arrival, pretty straight forward and extend it as many times as you want. Even if a lot of people suggest this relaxed visa policy might end at some point in the future, it is still the best bet for anyone willing to stay longer in Southeast Asia.

More information on Cambodian visas can be found here.

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