HP 15-ay015na Laptop Review (UK)

In today’s post, we will review the HP 15-ay015na laptop, an excellent option available in the United Kingdom for those looking for a balance between power and mobility


If you are looking to buy a lightweight laptop with the latest hardware available, look no further. The HP 15-ay015na laptop is one of the best contenders in this market category.

HP 15-ay015na: Overview

Even if HP has much less versions available in the UK than it does in the US, there are some great releases available in the British market. The HP 15-ay015na is one of the latest models made available to UK users and it has a pretty good hardware.

Focused on the balance between portability and performance, this laptop comes with the i5-6200u processor. This chip is part of the 6th generation released by Intel in 2015 called Skylake.

Skylake chips have a micro-architecture oriented to lower power consumption then its previous generation (Broadwell), yet with a very elevated benchmark. That is exactly the case of the i5-6200u, which is a dual core processor with a base frequency of 2.3 GHz. Thanks to its low power consumption and a TDP of 15W, this processor helps the HP 15-ay015na to have a longer battery duration.

HP 15-ay015na: Pros

Apart from its reliable processor, this laptop also comes with 8 GB DDR4 RAM. The DDR4 technology is considerably faster than the DDR3, and 8 GB is just excellent to run Windows 10 smoothly.

This laptop comes in Turbo Silver, a beautiful color that adds value to the product. In my personal opinion the design is much better than the average matte black chassis present in many laptops in the price category of this HP laptop.

HP 15-ay015na: Cons

There are two negative aspects on this laptop, however for its price, its specs are quite good. It has an HD display, and it would help if it would come with a Full HD resolution.

The other aspect which has room for improvement is its graphic card. With an Intel HD Graphics 520 integrated video card, this laptop is definitely not ideal for heavy gaming.

HP 15-ay015na Laptop (Turbo silver) – (Intel i5-6200U, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Intel HD 520 Graphics Card, 15.6 inch, Windows 10)


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Processor Intel Core i5-6200u
Display 15.6″ WLED-backlit HD
Storage 1TB HDD

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