HP 15-F222WM Best Budget Laptop Review 2017

The HP 15-F222WM is probably the best budget laptop in 2017 and will have its key features analyzed in this review


Are you looking for a budget laptop in 2017? The HP-F222WM is fast, reliable, and a great option among entry level models available in 2017.

HP 15-F222WM: Overview

HP is one of the main laptop brands producing a wide range of portable computers for all budgets. The HP-F222WM featured in this review is a 15 inch laptop released aimed at balanced ratio between price and performance.

The HP-F222WM comes with an Intel Pentium N3540 quad core processor. It has a base frequency of 2.16 GHz, and a burst frequency of 2.66 GHz. It is definitely not among the fastest Intel quad core processors, as it does not use the hyper-threading technology, but it is enough for running Windows 10 smoothly.

This HP laptop comes with 4 GB DDR3L RAM, which is quite good considering its price range. It can manage easily web browsing, and software like text and even photo editors.

HP 15-F222WM: Pros

Among 15 inch laptops, this is probably the best option if you don’t want to spend much. It has a HD touchscreen display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This laptop is certainly a great budget choice for work and entertainment.

In terms of storage space, this laptop has a 500 GB hard drive disk, which is above the average in its category. It also has an optical disc drive, which is a good option if you work with discs.

HP 15-F222WM: Cons

This laptop is a great option among budget laptops, but it has some limitations. If you work with specific software that require a high processing speed, the HP 15-F222WM is probably not the best option. You may want to check the best i7-7500U laptops if you need a high-end laptop.

HP 15-F222WM 15.6″ Touch Screen Laptop – Intel Quad Core Pentium N3540 Processor, 4GB Memory, 500GB Hard Drive


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Processor Intel Pentium N3540
Display 15.6 inches HD
Storage 500 GB HDD

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