HP ENVY 15-Q493CL Quad Core Laptop Review

In today’s post we will analyze a great, affordable laptop from HP. Let’s learn in this review why the HP ENVY 15-Q493CL laptop is a great choice.


If there is one thing that HP is good at making, it is manufacturing fast and reliable laptops at affordable prices. The HP ENVY 15-Q493CL is no exception to this rule, so let’s analyze its hardware to determine whether it is the ideal laptop for you in 2016.

HP ENVY 15-Q493CL: Overview

The first glance at the HP ENVY 15-Q493CL is defined by the minimalist lines of its silver chassis. Just like most HP laptops, they do not have a daring design, yet have pleasant lines. This specific model design is quite conservative, ideal for office and working environments.

While its exterior can be considered average, its internal hardware is quite appealing on its price category.

The most important hardware component in a laptop is its processor, and in the case of the HP ENVY 15-Q493CL it is a very powerful one. The i7-6700HQ chip present in this laptop is a quad core processor, from the latest generation released by Intel in 2015. It is an extremely high benchmark and is idea to work with heavy software and to play games.

Another positive aspect of this laptop is that it has a 12 GB DDR3L RAM. That is especially positive, as many affordable gaming laptops come with 8 GB RAM, and in that case, expanding your RAM is advisable. With 12 GB RAM, you will not need to expand your memory unless you work with specific heavy software.

HP ENVY 15-Q493CL: Pros

I would consider this laptop for many types of professionals that need to work with heavy software. That includes video and music producers, CGI artists and coders dealing with heavy compilers.

For its price, it is also an excellent gaming laptop with a 15.6″ Inch Full HD touchscreen display.

HP ENVY 15-Q493CL: Cons

This laptop has virtually everything you would want on a gaming laptop with an affordable price. It is hard to point anything negative about it, but instead of its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M, it would be better to have the 960M instead. The 960M has a higher benchmark then the 950M, and some laptops on the category of the 15-Q493CL have it.

HP ENVY 15-Q493CL 15.6 Inch Touch Slim Quad Intel Core i7-6700HQ 12GB RAM 1TB HDD 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M Graphics Backlit Keyboard Windows 10


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Processor Intel Core i7-6700HQ
Display 15.6 inches Full HD Touchscreen
Storage 1TB HDD

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