Is Bluboo a Good Phone? Brand Review

In today’s article we will answer the question: “is Bluboo a good phone brand?” explaining details about its smartphones and the company

Are you looking to buy an affordable Android smartphone? are you considering Bluboo but you don’t know much about it? Let’s find out if Bluboo is a good smartphone brand and review its latest releases below.

Bluboo: About the Brand

Every year new players get into the highly competitive Android phone market, and there are different levels of product quality in the market. Buying a cheap phone is certainly a temptation but one should firstly analyze whether the brand is good and if the model you are looking for will not disappoint you.

Today, we will analyze Bluboo, a fast growing electronics brand from Hong Kong. Their are mostly focusing on affordable Android phones but are also offering smartwatches among their products.

The year of 2006 set the start for this company to mark its presence in the Asian electronics market. In 2009 it expanded to OEM and OCM services. Currently Bluboo devices reach most continents, and through internet sales you can purchase their products in most of the countries.

Bluboo Support and Contact

The first thing I consider when researching a new brand is whether they have a solid web presence. In the case of Bluboo, the first glance was definitely positive, with a strong online presence with a website and multiple channels of communication.

On the Bluboo website we can easily find how to contact different departments of the company. You can even contact directly some of Bluboo employees, depending on the department you are trying to reach. Point for Bluboo.

Best Bluboo Android Phones

Now let’s go for a brief analysis for the best Bluboo smartphones currently available:

BLUBOO Maya Max 32GB 6.0 Inch Android 6.0 Smartphone

bluboo maya max

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The Bluboo Maya Max certainly has very impressive specs for a very attractive price. The Bluboo Maya Max is, in my opinion, currently the best model among the offers from the brand.

It has pretty decent hardware specs and its price is also appealing. It comes with 3 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM, which I consider more than enough for virtually all types of users, even for those who like to play 3D games on your Android smartphone. Its processor is the MTK6750 Octa Core 1.5GHz, which in my opinion has a good benchmark, which can be felt while using the device.

Finally, its 6 inch screen puts it in the categories of Phablets, and this Bluboo is definitely a good option if you like large screen devices.

Bluboo Maya 3G Phablet

bluboo maya

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The Bluboo Maya is one of the most affordable smartphones from the brand. Its price is extremely affordable, however its hardware specs are not that amazing.

The biggest setback about the Bluboo Maya in my opinion is that this model doesn’t have 4G support (just 3G). However, if you want to buy a cheap smartphone running Android Marshmallow, or if you want a backup device, the Bluboo Maya can be a good option. The Bluboo Maya is in fact currently one of the cheapest mobile phones available running on Android 6.0.

BLUBOO Dual 4G Phablet

is bluboo a good brand

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Another great affordable option from Bluboo in the smartphone market. In fact, considering its price and what the Bluboo Dual delivers, it is certainly a good answer for the question “is Blubood a good smartphone brand?”.

The Bluboo dual is one of the cheapest Android phone with dual rear cameras, and its aluminium chassis certainly give it a feel that it costs much more than its actual price.

Hardware wise it it is less impressive though, with its less than impressive quad-core processor MTK6737. It is 2 GB RAM are also far from impressive, but it has a decent performance if you don’t use your telephone for very complex tasks.

Bluboo Verdict

After analyzing the company and its current main models, we can consider Bluboo a good option if you are on a budget. However, I would prioritize Bluboo models with at least 4G support, especially if you play to watch videos or use video chat apps on your device.

Apart from the good quality of the products, I would also like to point that Bluboo has a better than average support, and this certainly gives me more confidence when buying a smartphone.

If you want to consider other cheap smartphone options, you may want to read our Elephone brand review.

I hope this post has helped you to answer the question: is Bluboo a good phone brand? If you have already purchased a Bluboo smartphone or other product, please leave your thoughts below in the comment box.

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