Learn How to Code Android Apps Without

Today’s post is for those who want to learn how to code Android apps without spending too much money, as its one of the most competitive online business market

Android by Ulcalno Tekno
Android by Ulcalno Tekno

Many people have considered becoming an Android app developer as a way to earn money online and for some, even to sustain their digital nomad lifestyle. Once one starts to research about app development, he will quickly find a lot of courses promising wonders and costing thousands of dollars.

Let’s analyze some quick facts about learning how to code android apps and the investment involved to get this skill.

The Android app Development Market and its Income Possibilities

There are two viable ways to earn money developing Android apps. The first is through employment, and the second is releasing apps on different Android apps marketplaces. There are somethings to consider about these two income streams.

Employment: Earning money as an mobile developer through employment is probably the safest bet you can take to earn money with Android apps. There is still a lot of demand for good mobile developers, and many of those jobs are remote, so you can do it from anywhere you want. If you are already a coder, learning to develop Android apps will certainly add up to your skills set, or even if you don’t, you can start from it.

Releasing your Own Apps: This is what probably attracting most people to become an App developer. The idea of selling digital goods or earning with advertisement is just too appealing. However, the app market is very competitive, and more than 90% of apps released are not financially viable. But if you become a true mobile developer, you can indeed create a sustainable income stream from this.

Learn How to Code Without Spending a Lot

If you are starting your mobile code adventure you will probably see a lot of offers online promising wonders, and guaranteeing a financial success as a mobile developer. Many of these offers cost up to thousands of dollars, to let you into the secrets of Android development.

As I wrote previously, the Android app is extremely tough, and hard to make a breakthrough. Therefore, as in any business, I do not recommend spending a lot without any guarantee that you will ever see your money back.

If you want to start with mobile development, I suggest some of the courses available on Udemy.com, they will teach you how to code apps from zero, and their prices are very attractive. Even if you find out that mobile development is not your thing, you will be able to learn a lot from these, at a very affordable prices.

Affordable Android Development Courses

Here are two options, for you to get started with learning how to code android apps without spending too much money. And they are actually really good courses, which can teach you how to code apps entirely the right way.

Course: Android: From Beginner to Paid Professional

Author:Mark Price

Click here to check this course on Udemy

An excellent course for every beginner to the world of Android development. This course will allow you to fully develop apps using Android Studio. It also covers the two main income options for app developers which are working on a paid project or creating your own apps and submitting it the Play Store.

Course: The Complete Android Developer Course – Build 14 Apps

Author:Rob Percival

Click here to check this course on Udemyicon

This is certainly one of the most complete Android app development courses available, for a fraction of the cost of some “Android boot camps”. Rob Percival is a well known online lecturer, even featured on big websites for its trajectory, as can be seen on this Business Insider article.

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