List of Remote Work Professions for Digital Nomads

If you want to become a digital nomad, this list of jobs that can be done as remote work will certainly inspire you to find news ways to quit the rat race

remote jobs for digital nomads
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Digital nomads travel and work in diverse locations across the world. Being a digital nomad typically involves finding some sort of remote work that can sustain you as you travel. There are many remote jobs for digital nomads.

While some people rely solely on passive income from real estate, or retirement savings, most people, the majority, aren’t that lucky. The good news is that you probably already have different skills you can use as you travel, and that would guarantee location-independent income avenue. In other cases, maybe you can do your job remotely.

With the disruptions Covid-19 is causing around the world, most people have realized that maybe that office isn’t that necessary after all. A location-independent job might be just what you need to survive and thrive even post Coronavirus.

Either way, this list of the best remote jobs for digital nomads will help you narrow down on your strengths.

The benefits of a digital nomad lifestyle

Digital nomads can work from anywhere armed with only a laptop and an internet connection. As such, all the benefits of mobility accrue to you and then some.

  • Work from anywhere, anytime
  • Fewer possessions translating to less mental baggage and expenses
  • Exposure to different cultures and ways of living
  • Immersive travel and living experiences
  • Freedom to travel and tour anywhere at your own pace.

You enjoy all the freedom of travel and adventure, including the financial security of bringing in an income.

Where to find jobs for a digital nomad

Digital nomads have a variety of choices when looking for remote jobs. A lot depends on your skill set, your current situation, and where you wish to travel.

First, ask your current employer if you can work remotely. Thanks to Covid-19, more employers have embraced and even encourage remote work. You can now get healthy allowances to start your remote work journey.

However, if you’re looking for something entirely different, then you have to expand your search.

Start by exploring and listing your core skills. Talk to friends and even past employers to see if you can work or consult for them remotely.

You can also check out online platforms that cater to digital nomads and those that list remote jobs.

Some of these job portals include:

Alternatively, you can also check out freelancing platforms such as

Now that you know what a digital nomad lifestyle entails, and where to get gigs, let’s explore some of the best remote jobs for digital nomads.

Best jobs for digital nomads in the tech sector

Web Developer

Website developers are still in high demand. As more businesses embrace digital practices, they rely on developers to make their online presence stand out.

Unlike in the past, web developers do a lot more for clients. They build, maintain, and fix websites. They also help in the design and styling so that the end product looks appealing to the target customer.

As you’d imagine, customers have become savvier and demand higher standards to trust an online brand. Therefore, web developers must bring out their A-game, and the best way is to acquire more skills.

The Web Developer Bootcamp – The most popular and well reviewed course on Udemy.

Mobile/App Developer

Mobile and app developers take an idea and convert it into an app or mobile application. If you look closely, most of our lives nowadays revolve around apps. From the moment you wake up to when you fall asleep, and beyond, you probably have some app as a companion.

App developers design and layout the functions and features of an application. They fix bugs and improve the app to give the best service to the user.

As customers become more savvy and discerning, they demand increasingly complex apps that, in turn, require a different skill set.

Running a Mobile App Dev Business – A comprehensive and well rated course to take you through everything you need to know to build apps.

Best remote jobs for digital nomads in the Marketing/Business Niche

SEO consultant

A Search Engine Optimization(SEO) consultant helps clients rank better on search engines and attract more search traffic and leads.

Without proper SEO, customers might not find the business.

Here’s the thing, SEO is an easy skill to learn, but challenging to master. The rules also keep changing. What worked yesterday may now work today.

Moreover, more people have invested heavily in SEO due to its effectiveness, making it harder to rank pages. Only highly skilled SEO specialists remain valuable in today’s competitive search marketing space.

SEO 2020: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites – A great guide to SEO current trends and beyond

Social Media Marketer

Nowadays, almost every major brand and personality has a social media presence. And those open up opportunities for social media savvy digital nomads.

You can help brands and businesses get their messaging right on social media.

A social media marketing professional helps brands to create and refine their brand’s voice. They create content, schedule posts, and respond to any comments and inquiries.

With the prevalence of social media in our daily lives, no one can deny the need for competent social media managers.

Social Media Marketing Mastery – Learn how to market on 10+ platforms

Best remote support and service jobs for digital nomads

Technical Support Rep

For technically inclined digital nomads, a remote job in technical support might be the thing for you.

Tech support representatives support businesses around their IT systems. For example, they are the people telling you to switch your computer on and off when you call tech support or help you when the system crashes.

As more people embrace digital and remote work, in part due to Covid-19, people with technical know-how will be more valuable. If you can, for example, help your coworker set up Zoom at home, you can start charging for other services down the line.

IT Help Desk Professional – Learn what it takes to begin this flexible and rewarding career

Customer Support Representative

Customer service reps assist customers when problems arise with a product or service.

Typically, customer support is either done internally or outsourced to an agency. This is a great remote job for digital nomads who like helping people solve problems and don’t mind dealing with sometimes agitated customers.

In a way, customer service representatives are more than problem solvers. They are also community organizers/managers, especially on social media.

Customer Service & Customer Support – Learn to diffuse difficult situations and keep customers happy

Best creative and content related jobs for digital nomads

Blogger / Vlogger

If you generate valuable content for a specific niche, then you have a good chance of building an audience and earning money from people interested in your areas of coverage. The job is not only remote, but you also get to be your boss.

The only downside is that it takes time until you make a name for yourself and stand out to make a decent income from your content.

Video content has, for example, gained popularity as people endure quarantine and lockdown periods. It’s a bit easier to build and monetize your video content as long as you keep it fresh and exciting.

Blogging for a Living – This course shows you how to create a living using a small budget


Writers get paid to write about different topics. If you have in-depth knowledge about a particular topic, you can earn an income writing around it. Furthermore, you can expand and write in other areas too.

The best-paid writers are typically specialists who write with authority on subject matters. They also tend to write in their native tongues, but that is not a guarantee to make money. You still must provide value to your readers.

Writing with Confidence – This great course shows you how to go from beginner to pro

Best remote jobs for digital nomads in the education niche

Teaching languages

Thanks to Covid-19, and the resultant shelter-in-place guidelines, more people are stuck at home exploring options.

One of the most common is learning a second language, and here is where you come in as a digital nomad with the gift of languages.

Using the internet, you can reach people on the other side of the world. For example, English teachers are always in high demand. But, it’s not the only language. Students yearn to learn other languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, and others.

This remote job is perfect for digital nomads who pick up languages and cultures fast and those who enjoy teaching.

Excel at Teaching English – A great British course to help you be a better English as a Second Language teacher

Teaching other practical skills

Language isn’t the only skill you can teach online. Today you can teach just about anything through the internet, from offering guitar lessons to giving practical lessons on urban gardening or knitting.

If you have any special skills, you can create online classes to help other people become as good.

Online teaching is a great way to earn money as a digital nomad since you only create the content once. Students can keep streaming lessons.

Be ready to market your course and optimize it for maximum returns. Luckily, numerous online platforms exist where you can quickly get started as an online course creator. Some of these include:

In conclusion

There is no shortage of remote work for digital nomads. If anything, Covid-19 has just accelerated the pace of digital work. However, to succeed and earn a decent income working remotely as a digital nomad, you must be armed with an up-to-date skill-set. Explore your area of expertise and look at ways of refining your craft and skill. A strong, specialized skillset is one of the best strategies to earn a decent income that sustains your life on the go.

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