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March 30, 2020

List of Remote Work Professions for Digital Nomads

If you want to become a digital nomad, this list of jobs that can be done as remote work will certainly inspire you to find news ways to quit the rat race

Ideal Remote Work Location by Fougerouse Arnaud

Being a digital nomad normally involves finding some sort of remote work to earn money as you travel. Even if there are a few people which have a passive income from real estate rentals or are retired, most people are not that lucky. It might be the case that you already have the necessary skills to guarantee your location independent income channel, or that your current job is 100% location dependent. In both scenarios, this post will help you with ideas to create or improve your location independent income with these remote work professions.

What is Remote Work

This may seem obvious, and for digital nomads it applies in almost every case to jobs that can be done online. There is a growing number of people dependent only of a laptop and an internet connection to guarantee means for its living and travel expenses. It can also be suitable if you stuck in a place for various different reasons, and there are not much job opportunities in your area.

Why Remote Work is Growing to Become a Reality?

As broadband internet and payments systems become more easily available in different areas of the world, it is natural that people search for new opportunities to save and earn money. A phenomena that began with large corporations outsourcing their production decades ago, now is a reality in various industries like: manufacturing, education, consultancy services, design, software development, and many others.

There are thousands of companies saving money hiring staff from cheaper locations, as there are thousands of digital nomads working for companies from other cities, countries and continents. The market regulates itself, and if a deal is beneficial for both parts, it tends to become the norm regardless of the distance.

Should You Go Remote?

Going remote is not that simple. There are basically two key factors that will influence the success of your online endeavors: skills and competition.

You need to build a decent amount of skills that can be performed remotely in order to succeed as a digital nomad, or simply someone who works from home. The more specific your skills are the less you will need to work, and the more you will earn.

When it comes to competition, it depends on a number of factors, and even luck. If you speak Norwegian it is easier for you to learn a well paid remote job, as salaries in Norway are high, and virtually no one speaks Norwegian in low income countries. Another example is the case in which the Employer is only accepting citizens or residents of a determined country, if it’s a country with high salaries, it can be a good option, if you live there.

List of Possible Remote Work Jobs

SEO Consultant

As a SEO consultant, you will have to help your clients to rank their pages well on search engine. There is a lot of factors influencing on how well a site ranks on google. It’s a skill in high demand as most business need good internet exposure nowadays.

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Web Developer

The profession of web developer is still in demand, but it has changed over the years. Running a simple website does not require any knowledge of coding any more, therefore you will need to learn a lot to stand out as a web developer.

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Even with the latest advances in Google Translate, it still does a lot of odd translations, especially languages which are not so common. If you speak languages like Japanese and Korean, you will certainly find a lot of jobs that can be done remotely.

Graphic Artist

This job can be separated in multiple small categories. There are photo retouch artists, painters, 3d modelers, illustrators and also one can work as a blend of all this professionals. Versatility is a key aspect while working remotely.

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Mobile Developer

As a mobile developer you can both work as an independent contractor or develop your own applications to sell on Play Store and the App Store. I would suggest doing both at the same time as this is an extremely competitive market, and many apps go unnoticed on the App Store.

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If you have a deep knowledge about an specific topic, you can become a writer. The best paid writers are normally those writing on their native language, but if you become a reference for a given subject, you can earn a decent amount of money as a writer.

Online Tutor

Everybody is a teacher in potential. Languages, Software, and Skills of any sort can be learnt and taught online. You can do private lessons via Skype or create your own course and sell it.

Community Manager

As the internet presence is becoming more and more crucial for any business, many companies need to hire staff to manage their forums, facebook pages, support chats and other channels of interactions. Some of these positions are not remote, but more and more remote options are appearing on this field.

Blogger / Youtuber

If you generate content that is valuable for an specific niche, you have good chances of building an audience and earning money from people that are interested in the topics you cover. This is not only remote, but you also be your own boss. The only downside is that it normally takes time until you make your name stand out and actually make a decent amount of money from your content.

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