Make your Phone Battery Last Longer (7 Tips)

In this post we will give 7 tips to make our phone battery last longer, with great solution to end your low battery situations

make phone battery last longet
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Almost everyone, at least once a month, wish they could make their phone battery last longer. Regardless if you are an Apple or Android fan, the battery durability of your smartphone is often a reason for frustration. This problem is exponentially if you find yourself with low battery in a situation without an electric plug nearby. It happens if you travel a lot in situations like long airport connections, or camping.

Smartphones and Battery Life

Before getting to our 7 tips to make your phone battery last longer, we must how phone batteries work. Most smartphones have lithium-ion battery, a rechargeable type of battery that was commercially introduced by Sony in 1991.

Lithium-ion batteries are nowadays light, have a relatively good capacity and last for a number of cycles. The problem is that this number of cycles is not very high overall. This scenario explains why you will normally feel that your phone battery life decreases over time.

On the other hand, smartphones nowadays have advanced hardware that consume a lot of battery, especially those with a large display or multiple processors. On top of that, the higher is the number of tasks your phone handles, the faster your battery will be consumed. This seems pretty obvious, but most users don’t realize their phones are running much more processes than they think.

Lithium-ion batteries are still prevalent, even if new technologies are already being researched. These new technologies may end our low battery problems, but they are still not commercially available.

Having these facts in mind, we come to the three core elements that will influence your phone battery. They are: the number of battery life cycles, your battery capacity, and how fast your smartphone consumes it.

7 Tips to Make your Phone Battery Last Longer

Let’s check now 7 tips that anyone can use to make your smartphone battery last longer:

Phone Battery Last Longer
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1 – Turn off WiFi

When you travelling, or in anywhere you will be not using WiFi, turn it off. When the WiFi is on and not connected, it constantly searches for new WiFi networks. This not draining your battery quickly, but also doing a useless task.

The only exception for this is when you are using maps. Having WiFi on in this scenario might help your phone to give a more accurate location.

2 – Screen Brightness

The screen brightness is also a key factor when optimizing your smartphone battery. In ambient with a low light intensity (closed rooms, nighttime), there is no reason to keep your phone display at maximum brightness.

You can also set your screen timeout for a lower length. You can save a lot of battery adjusting the brightness and the screen timeout.

3 – Manage Background Apps

Background apps are those running regardless if you actively using them. Turning the ones which aren’t essential for you off will save you a lot of battery.

Facebook Apps (Messenger too) are known to be heavy battery drainers. Not only they are a waste of battery, but in most cases they are also a waste of time.

4 – Manage Email Checking

If you not on a work environment, you probably don’t need to check emails that often. Managing how often your phone will check new emails is a good way to control your battery consumption

5 – GPS

Just like WiFi, GPS usage can be a heavy battery drainer.

Since most users need GPS less often than WiFi, it is easier to let if off for most of the time. However, when you in fact need GPS, most users will often forget it on after using it. This will make your battery consumption skyrocket, so try to remind yourself to turn if off, especially on trips.

6 – Buy an external USB charger

This is not a tip to save your battery by downsizing consumption, but rather expanding your battery resources.

An USB charger is a light and inexpensive tool that can be pretty useful, especially when travelling. You can check some of the best external chargers in this article.

7 – Check Your Phone Battery Capacity

When buying a new phone, check its mAh capacity. This can be quite tricky but as a general rule the higher the mAh number is, the longer will be your phone capacity.

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