Mintos 2019 Performance Overview

Mintos is one of our favorite P2P lenders with good reason. Let’s have a look at the incredible year in Mintos 2019 performance.

Mintos grew exponentially in 2019. It launched new products, doubled loan investments, and tripled its team. It also moved to new headquarters, revamped its brand, and set new loan investment standards globally. Mintos’ 2019 performance was truly impressive.

What was the year like for Mintos in 2019? We take a look below.

mintos 2019 review

Mintos 2019 by the Numbers

Mintos crossed several significant milestones in 2019. It funded Eur 2 billion worth of loans in April, another EUR 3 billion in Aug, and EUR 4 billion in November.

Furthermore, 136 310 new investors joined Mintos in 2019, bringing the total to 234 847 total investors on the marketplace. The number of new investors was almost 150% higher than in 2018, with EUR 45 million earned in interest.

On average, each Mintos investor has EUR 4725 outstanding balance spread across 241 different loans.

In the secondary market, EUR 185.4 million worth of loans were sold in 2019, providing liquidity to investors wishing to exit the market earlier.

Mintos Growth Trajectory

According to Brismo market data, Mintos is the leading marketplace for P2P loan investments in Europe. In the last 12 months alone, EUR 6.36 billion in loans were funded across P2P platforms in Europe, with Mintos contributing 40% or EUR 2.57 million of the total.

Mintos expanded to new markets in 2019. Investors now come from an additional 13 countries, from an initial 67 countries. New loan originators joined the platform. These include Belarus, Indonesia, Namibia, Turkey, Vietnam. In total, 29 new loan originators joined Mintos last year.

Also, the company scaled the team to facilitate growth. One hundred twenty new talents joined the team with new offices opening in Berlin, Germany, and in Vilnius, Lithuania, in addition to the head office Riga, Latvia. Mintos now has 180 people from 20 different countries of the world, further boosting cultural diversity.

Moreover, Mintos 2019 formed new teams. They include Anti-Money Laundering Team, Product and Engineering: Mobile App and Payments Teams, Legal Team, among others. The Investor Team has also expanded to cover 11 major languages.

New Mintos Products in 2019

Mintos launched two major projects in 2019.

  1. Invest & Access in June 2019
  2. Beta version for iOS launched in December 2019

Six months after the launch, almost 8.5% of investors use the Invest and Access exclusively to invest.

An Android app beta version has been distributed and being tested since January 2020. It’s set to launch officially to the public in the first quarter of 2010.

Awards and Recognition

Mintos was a double winner at the AltFi Awards 2019. These awards were:

  • Alternative Finance Platform of the Year 2019
  • People’s Choice Award

It was also listed in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 industry report in the Rising Star category as one of the fastest developing fintech companies in Central Europe.

Sign up with Mintos

If you use the links in this post to sign-up for Mintos you will get 0.5% of the total invested in the first 90 days on the platform. It is another great incentive to start using Mintos and the company has a number of ways to maximize your income, like loan cashbacks as well.

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