Mintos Secondary Market

Mintos secondary market is an avenue through which investors can sell their investments to other registered Mintos users.

Since its introduction in 2015, the secondary market has seen significant growth, showing the most rapid growth starting in 2017. It has become more diverse, with a large number of investors, and a variety of loans from different originators.


Mintos is one of the biggest P2P lending platforms in Europe, both in terms of investors and loan originators. Given its easy-to-use platform combined with an intuitive auto-invest tool makes it attractive to both new and seasoned investors.

Key Stats at a Glance (as of 25th Sep 2019)

Here are just some of the key statistics about Minto’s secondary market:

  • Over 15000 loans sold in 2019 from only 46 loans in 2015
  • Diverse loan originators among them Mogo(13.6%), Varks(8.10%), (6.9%), Getbucks among others
  • Personal loans make the bulk of loans at almost 50% worth over 46M. Short-term, car and mortgage loans follow closely
  • Over 24000 buyers on the secondary market in 2019 alone
  • 939% YoY growth in the 2017-2018 period alone
  • Short-term loans with a term of up to 1 year(12 months) form the bulk of investments traded
  • Sellers on the Secondary market have earned 70941 EUR selling loans with a premium (average of 0.56%).
  • Most loans (54%) bought at par.


Benefits of the Mintos Secondary Market

To investors selling loans

  • Higher liquidity in the market allowing investors to access funds when necessary
  • More opportunities to sell investments at a premium
  • Provides liquidity to investors, especially for longer-term loans

To investors buying loans

  • Opportunities to make a profit from the purchase of loans at a discount
  • Possibility to get in on investments not available on the primary market
  • Loans on the secondary market have considerable payment histories which help investors make better decisions

The secondary market is especially useful for new investors who want to deploy their capital faster. It offers a supply of hard-to-find, lucrative loans. There are no fees charged to investors participating in the secondary market.

Moreover, as of last year (2018), investors can create auto-invest profiles for the secondary market, opening up hitherto unavailable opportunities.


From our Mintos review, we’ve indicated that it’s an excellent P2P lending platform. It offers a diverse set of loans from a solid group of loan originators. The platform gives you the ability to invest in loans from Europe, Asia, and some African countries.

To sum up, Mintos thriving secondary market is yet another reason you should consider the platform. It offers exciting investment opportunities even when you miss out on deals in the primary market.

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