Onda OBook 20 Plus Tablet PC Review

In this post, we will fully review the Onda OBook 20 Plus Tablet PC, a versatile option for users looking for a portable device with good performance

The Onda OBook 20 Plus is a compact 10 inch tablet running both Android and Windows 10 operational systems. In this review, we will analyze its key aspects such as hardware, design, dimensions and affordability.

About Onda Tablets

Onda is a Chinese brand focused on mid level tablets and is currently expanding its base of customer worldwide. It currently has a good range of tablet PCs and some notebooks available, running on Android and Windows.

The company has built an overall good reputation, and most of its reviews in main online retailers are positive. If you have question regarding Onda products firmware, you can check this website.

Onda OBook 20 Plus: Overview

This is the first time we are reviewing a tablet manufactured by Onda here on Value Nomad, and it’s a rather positive surprise.

The Onda OBook 20 Plus is a 10.1 inch versatile tablet running both Android 5.1 and Windows 10. It has a beautiful champagne design and a great hardware for its retail price.

It comes with a fast Intel Cherry Trail processor and 4 GB LPDDR3 RAM. This hardware allows a great user experience both on Windows 10 and Android, which come installed on this device.

It has a battery of 6000 mAh, which is average among similar tablets and allows a rather good autonomy without a constant need for recharging.

Onda OBook 20 Plus: Design

The most appealing characterist of this tablet PC is, in my opinion, its design. It has an incredibly beautiful champagne body, which makes it quite unique, as there aren’t many tablets available in this color.

Other than that, its well finished, and the materials are of good quality. It has a weight of just 575 grams and is also very thin.


The OBook 20 Plus also has a detachable keyboard, which is ideal if you want to write longer texts using your tablets. The keyboard is not included, but it is affordable and you can click here to buy it.

The Intel Cherry Trail Z8300

The Intel Atom Z8300 is an extremely popular processor among tablets reviewed on Value Nomad in 2016.

It is is a ultra low voltage quad core processor aimed at tablet and portable devices. Its ultra low TDP allows the Onda OBook 20 Plus to be extremely energy efficient, allowing its battery to last longer.

It has a base frequency of 1.4 GHz and a maximum burst of 1.8 GHz. Even if it doesn’t use the hyper-threading technology it has a great performance on both Android and Windows.

Storage and Connectivity

The storage capacity of this tablet is similar to a number of tablets in its price range. It has 64 GB of eMMC storage, which in most cases is enough for normal tablet usage. You can also expand its storage using a SD card or an USB stick, for example.

The Onda OBook 20 plus has a micro HDMI and a micro USB port, a part from its DC and headphone jack. It would be certainly better if it has more USB ports, especially 3.0 or 3.1 ones.


The display is one of the highlights of this tablet PC as it has a 10.1 Full HD display with an IPS panel. This guarantees an great user experience as you willl be able to watch videos or play games in rich detail.


The Onda OBook 20 Plus is an overall good tablet, and has a very good value for the money. It would be ideal if it had at least one more USB port, but I still recommend it especially for its design.

I also recommend buying the detachable keyboard, as it will improve your flexibility level to work with this tablet.

Onda OBook 20 Plus Tablet PC – WINDOWS 10 + ANDROID 5.1 CHAMPAGNE


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Processor Intel Cherry Trail Z8300
Display 10.1 inch Full HD IPS
Storage 64 GB eMMC

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