Poland: Best Country in Europe for Digital Nomads

If you are live in Europe and work remotely, in this post you will know why Poland is the best country in Europe for digital nomads

gdansk poland
Gdansk old town, Poland

Poland is one of the best countries in Europe for digital nomads. Not many people consider Poland as an option, and in this post we will understand why this country is a hidden gem in Central Europe.

Poland for Digital Nomads: Overview

There are three things I consider extremely important for the comfort and productivity of any digital nomad: internet connection, accommodation and food. All of these should have a decent quality and low prices.

If you are a digital nomad and you just starting with your journey, odds are your online endeavour is not earning you much. In many cases, especially in the very beginning, your online income may be less than your expenses. It may take from a few months to a couple of years before you can have a decent income from an online activity, in most cases.

Therefore you need to be somewhere cheap. Poland is pretty cheap compared to its neighbors in the European. That is partially explained due to the fact that Poland has not joined the Europe. Slovakia for example, has a similar socio economic past to Poland, but a much greater cost of living. The Polish neighbor joined the Eurozone, and since then, it has become a quite expensive country.

Unlike Slovakia or Lithuania, Poland didn’t join the Euro. It also does not have a date to adopt the continent’s single currency. That makes Poland highly attractive, especially if you earn in US dollars or euros.

Poland: Internet Connection

High speed internet connection is present in most of the Polish territory. Even if the country doesn’t have one of the fastest internet connections, their prices are quite low.

In Poland it’s possible to get unlimited mobile internet at 4G speeds for roughly 10 euro per month. No contracts or anything, you can set it up in 10 minutes and its unlimited. You can read more about prepaid internet in Poland here.

Poland: Accommodation

Accommodation used to be cheaper in Poland, but it is still way cheaper than most of its western neighbors. It’s not rare to find single rooms at decent places at 15 euros per night. If you want to take a long term apartment, the bureaucracy is really low, and virtually non-existent if compared to Germany or France.

If you visit some tourist places off season, you can get insanely low prices. Zakopane, which is probably the most well known Polish ski resort, you may get a single or double room under 10 euros off season.

Poland: Food

Polish food is great. Supermarkets in Poland are also great. If you like Polish food, you can find a lot of small restaurants(bar mleczny) selling great food for as low as 2 euros for a decent portion.

If you like Asian food, Poland is home to some of the best Vietnamese restaurants outside Vietnam. These usually go by the name of “bar orientalny”.

Supermarkets in Poland are some of the cheapest in Europe, with high quality, fresh vegetables available every day. Yes, every day. If you come from Germany, France or Spain, it might be surprising, but in Poland many shops are opened, all the time.


If you want to start with a great option in Europe for digital nomads, you should definitely consider Poland. However, it will be rather difficult to have dignity if your budget is lower than 700-800 usd per month. In that case, options like Ukraine and Bulgaria might be a better starting point.

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